Friday, June 16, 2006

It's an All-You-Can-Eat Friday!

Seriously, so much to write about, but only 5 days out of the week that I'll allow myself to blog about it! So that's why today I leave you with all this stuff, trivialities and delicacies, and you can pick your favourite to pig out on.

1) I might take the kids to see this if the budget allows.
I don't get wrestling and I don't speak Spanish but I love this man. He just doesn't give a crap, he's doing his thing and he's funny and strangely cute. He even busts out an accent for this one. And you know how much I appreciate the ACTING!

2) You know the loud truck thing? (Scroll down if you don't.) Jethro got it fixed on Tuesday and when I started it the next morning, it sounded weird because the shiny new muffler-tailpipe combo eventually ends up with a set of exhaust manifolds under the engine that are so punched I'm pretty sure I could jab holes in 'em with a screwdriver....I happen to have a screwdriver on the front seat of the truck....maybe I should try it, for kicks...anyways, it's almost as loud now as it was on Monday. So I still get to drive around sounding like a misguided redneck NASCAR freak!

3) Horses know when you want to hunt them down and put a saddle on them and make them work. Try going out to the pasture some time just for a pat and a snuggle. Ears up, eyes soft, you can practically see the question mark in the middle of the diamond shaped forehead. "Does she have a halter behind her back? What does she want with me? 'Cause I'll run for it, I will! Okay that pat is nice. Yeah the scratch is nice too. Uh yeah, that's a good scratch, mmm hmmm. Huh? That's it? That's all? Well that wasn't so bad. Ooh look, I'm standing on grass. Yum."

4) Next week I'm accompanying my kids on vocals at their music recital. Yep, I'm singing. Into a mic. In front of people that aren't related to me. I won't be in a car, or near a campfire, so it's going to be uncomfortable. Am I going to have a panic about it? No. Y'know why? Because it's legitimately scary and I get panic attacks for stupid things like grocery shopping. There won't be groceries there. I'll be nervous and fine. We'll be performing "My Doorbell" by the White Stripes.

I have a new appreciation for the unique drumming skills of Ms. Meg White. Most drummers complain about her, sure, but have you tried to replicate it? Especially if you're nine years old. I'm not a drummer. I'm perplexed. Once I figured out what notes to sing, I had to get the hang of the rhythm of this song. It's all pushes. Now that I almost have that, and have the words almost down (damn short term memory loss) now I'm listening to Jack's vocal closely and hearing all of his stops and breaths and realizing that this guy does not ever ever ever do anything the simple way. It may sound simple in your Jetta, sure, but then you try to chart it and play it and wow, there's a lot more than you thought there was! (Now throw a tambourine in there...)

5) PEONIES! They blow my mind, they're white but there's a yellow tint and in the centre, pink, with little veins of darker pink. See the ant hiding in there?

6) Here's something you don't see everyday:

7) Only 20 more days to THIS! Am I gonna go see it? Heck yes. Elbowing all the other lusty housewives out of the way. Yeah you know I'll be there.

I found a sneak peek on the Intermittent Net:
I'll be over here vibrating with anticipation for a few days.

8) I REPINKED MY HAIR TODAY. It's very very pale but if you look closely you can detect a rosy tint. Couldn't we all use a rosy tint?

9) Pick a topic for next week, pleases. I'm indecisive.
-How Jethro got his name. (That'll be a good one, for sure.)
-Ten things I'll never be able to say to ten people in real life
-You can tell what kind of lover a man might be by how he eats
-The Zen of Horse Catching.
-Live with Nature! In a monster house, after we pave nature.

And if you're all lazy enough to not pick, well that's okay because I think I've just set up most of next week.

10) This is my order for the weekend: Kids, husband, horses, sunshine. Dad's getting a load of HAY this weekend! And HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!

Later, my loveys!


John Q. Public esq. said...

my vote:

You can tell what kind of lover a man might be by how he eats

Notsocranky Yankee said...

Wow, so much to comment on! I'm in an internet cafe in Rome and my time ran out before I could read the entire post! But I digress...

I want to hear about Jethro getting his nickname. When I was in the 2nd half of pilot training, our new instructors made up nicknames for us, usually based on our names. But for some reason they called me Jethro. It stuck because everyone thought it was so funny.

I love those horse thoughts! You crack me up!

I thought you were going to go easy on your hair! I love the pink but can your hair handle it?

I knew Johnny would get in the Friday picture post...A little Johnny for the weekend!

Notsocranky Yankee said...

Oh yah, I know you'll do great job singing with your kids. I'm glad there won't be any groceries there. lol My kids don't even like to hear me sing in the car! (It's not pretty, I assure you)

I want to see Nacho Libre too. I don't even care if there's a plot. Jack Black just cracks me up! Cranky and I watched School of Rock with our daughter. Even though the story was very predictable, he cracked us up with his silliness.

Heidi the Hick said...

One vote for Food-Lover-Man, one vote for Jethro. I might be able to combine those two. Hmm.....

No kidding Yankee, they called you Jethro! That's hilarious!!! Blogging from Rome. You rock.

Yeah my hair's fried but I gotta use up the last of the Manic Panic. That's my excuse.

AS for Jack Black, he'll be my hero. He'll be my singing hero.

JJ said...

Hee hee. Can't wait to see the "after" on the re-pinking. I got an itch to do something with mine... The Pirates sequel is going to ROCK! Period! Can't wait! 2 hrs of Mr. Gorgeous Depp on the bigscrean in black eyeliner & wacky facial hair! YUM!!!

Have a GREAT weekend H!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Heidi, I used to like Jack Black but he just seems to do the same thing over and over. I'll give him another try here though. Just for you.

Every redneck in the world understands your fascination with loud trucks when you hit the gas. I'm thinking about loosening up my muffler on my Geo so it rattles loudly! What do you think?

I love horses. They really do give you that look, don't they? "What? What do you want with me?" I love that!

I LOVE that picture of the horseback riders on the sidewalk! That's so hick! It's totally cool.

And you know what topic I want to hear about! -You can tell what kind of lover a man might be by how he eats.

Have a great weekend! Jas...

The Adult in Question said...

I think 10 things that you'll never be able to say. i think that would be funny...plus I have a list of things I'll never be able to say to people. We'll compare

Heidi the Hick said...

Red- Jack Black is really good at being Jack Black!

Question- Let's compare! It'll be really weird because we actually KNooooww each OOOOtheerrrrrrr!!!!!

Kari said...

Ok, (before I forget) I vote for more HORSE stuff! Heeeheeeeheeee!!

When my horses run from me it PISSES ME OFF! I've been known to chase them around the pasture untill they STOP and let me pet or catch them! As a matter of fact I had to do it a couple of day's ago. Sometimes they forget that I won't put up with taht shit!

Kari said...

...And I just effing LOVE Jack Black. He CRACKS ME UP!!!

Heidi the Hick said...

Hey Kari, like I've said before, my favourite form of aerobic exercise is chasing horses with a halter in my hand!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Kari - I know just what you mean there! Chasing our horses all over the farm was just delightful.

Finally we had to resort to shaking buckets of food to get them to come in.

A-hole horses. Mine, not anyone elses!

Heidi the Hick said...

Ha! Mine has decided that he really doesn't want that grain so bad after all, f**k ya very much!

yet i still love him....

Balloon Pirate said...

I really need to know why Jethro. If it has something to do with the Beverly Hillbillies, I'll just plotz.

Pink is nice, indeed.

I saw a trailer for PotC II, and it looks like Jack Sparrow's no longer got the rotten teeth. Did you see that as well?

Not all pirates have rotten teeth, you know...


Heidi the Hick said...

Mahogany Blond Pirate: I will let you in on the Jethro thing. (But I don't know what plotz means. Will it hurt? Stink? Tickle?)

Sadly, I have only once seen a preview for Dead Man's Chest! I don't have any channels on my TV. No TV just video. I hate to say it, I really do, but I'd take ol dirty Jack Sparrow bad teeth or not and he's the exception.

You should give us a big smile so we can see your teeth.