Thursday, May 18, 2006

Runnin' Errands

Finally, Mega Big Record Label paid Jethro for the last two or three months worth of work, but who's keeping track? Not me. I'd rather stay married than keep track of his biz.

So I had to go get things. The kids have been walking around with holey socks for at least a month. Time for me to fire up the pickup truck and go to Sprawlville, the town north of us which is bigger than this one and is slowly melting into ours.

I put on my hoodie with the pictures of Johnny Depp all over it, I flipped the hood over my head, and I ducked through the rain drops. My hair is still kinked into ringlets. It's okay. It's alright. I could feel down today; I had a wicked unexplained chest pain yesterday. I feel better today. I want to feel better today. Johnny can help cheer me up.

The truck, by the way, has been to the garage for a new water pump and got a few things tightened up. Couldn't we all use a little tightening up? I got bits that could be jacked up a little. So it's running, although not very cleanly, and for how long we don't know. Also, the original exhaust manifolds are very crusty by now. I think if I reached down there and poked them with a screwdriver I could make them shatter into rusty pieces. In other words, it's developed a throaty nasty growl. And I kind of like it.

Thrift store, got rid of some junk. Bought a Calvin & Hobbes book. And a book from the thirties about movies. COOL. I did not buy the 70's cabinet stereo. But I might.

Zellers. Socks and undies. Change daily.

Sunrise Records. I felt lightheaded as I walked in...and there right in front of me...there they were...

And now they're mine! I'm listening to the Peppers right now on my headphones and yes, it's as good as the Real Critics are saying it is.

You may already be aware of my love for Jack White.

I have tried very hard NOT to love Kiedis. He is just so bad. I've read Scar Tissue. I know how bad he is. So so so bad. And yet, despite the self inflicted damage, lookin' so good...How can I help myself????? And he's singing now. Yeah. He's putting some effort into it instead of just lying there with his hands behind his head grinning. oooooh...


Smartypants said...

I saw the Chili Peppers in concert and he's just impossible to resist.

I bet he likes leather, too.

CindyDianne said...

I expected to come up with something clever to write in my comment here. Nah! I did, however, play the letter game with "M" on my blog!

Heidi the Hick said...

Impossible. I believe you! I'm sure he likes leather. I'd love to ask!

We tried to get tickets for September in Toronto and they were sold out in seconds. Grrr.

Cindydi- I'm going to go read it now!

N I F T Y said...

Lovely picture, Heidi. I LOVE the pink hoodie. Where can I get one?

btw, Chili Peppers ROCK MY SOCKS!! (which have holes in them also...)

Notsocranky Yankee said...

Love the Chilis! I will be listening to the new album soon, with any luck.

Not too long ago, my daughter asked me to find "Under the Bridge" to put on a CD mix for her. I said, "That's a great song, classic. We have that already." Her response, "Uhhh, YOU like it? Well, I still want the song." She actually thinks I'm old and boring with no taste in music. How could such a smart girl be so wrong?!

BadMonkey said...

Man, I remember listening to the Chili Peppers for the first time in '83 and thinking they were kind of out there. Real Men Don't Kill Coyotes. Can't believe that they are still together. Or even alive.

As for trucks, our boys hate riding in mine. They say it's so dirty and cramped. Except when the muffler dropped off. They loved it. At stop lights, I'd press on the brake and gun the engine. The roar. With the brakes on, the torque would make the bed jack up. Let go of the brakes and the bed would drop (just a little). They keep saying they hope the new muffler falls off.

Kari said...

I LOVE THE PEPPERS!! They so totally RAWK!

Heidi the Hick said...

Nifty- the hoodie is from Peach Berserk in Toronto. Beside the photo it says "my hoodie" in blue; if you click on that it takes you to her site. I have it listed in the links in the sidebar too. (I'm on her webpage too!!)

and yes babe. They rock their own socks too,but just one at a time, placed strategically if ya know what a mean!

Yankee- I highly recommend this one, in fact, I want to review it today. 28 songs, no duds. It'll take me some time. I think it's cool that they've done stuff that's stood the test of time and now our kids are getting into it. Although I think "under the bridge" is one of 2 songs without copious cussing on it!

Badmonkey- no kidding, by rights they should be dead or in jail but I'm glad they're not. I think it's awesome that they're so healthy and happening now. I found them much later- Mother's Milk. Never heard anything like it before.

Your truck story is great! My kids love my truck but it fits 6 so they each have room to take up. They like being higher than everyone else. Me too. I have size issues.

Kari- two hick rednecks loving the Peppers. Their appeal is universal!!!!

Elmo said...

You sexy rocker chick you!

Timmy said...

I have a story for you about the Chili Peppers. I actually got myself and friends back stage, it was the One Hot Minute tour. Dave Nevaro was my second favorite, after Anthony of course. I also got kicked out of the backstage room by some big mean security guard, thus barring me from Market Square Arena for life. Thank GAWD they tore that bitch down. Now all that stands there is one of those "Historical" signs saying something about Elvis playing his last concert there. blah blah blah!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I'm glad your hubby got paid!

Heidi the Hick said...

Elmo- I try, darling. Sometimes it works!

Tim- that is an awesome story. Are you willing to tell the secret of how you got backstage????

I think the sign should say, "Elvis, last show, Cute Tim barred for life, it had to go."

Jas- I'm glad too! It was gettin a little skinny there.