Thursday, May 11, 2006

Growing Things & House Things

Yesterday while I was out driving around I noticed that some of the trees have popped. Just a few days before they had buds and then spiky little leaves and then suddenly, LEAVES! This may seem like a silly observation but I remember years ago noticing that the trees went from buds to leaves in one day. BOOM. I tend to be amazed by small things.

Last year, our house was just coming out of a serious massive and traumatic reconstruction phase. I still have a hard time talking about it. But I will say, despite our driveway and back yard being trashed, and losing our deck, we have a dry basement, an office, a playroom, a family room (where we parked the TV that gets no stations) and a second bathroom! And a laundry room! Since our entire front yard got mangled from having gravel trucks and dumpsters parked on it for most of last winter, we got lovely new sod a year ago which hasn't yet sprouted dandelions. It will though. Trust me. I'm anti-poison which results in being pro-dandelion.

And I got some sweet nice topsoil. I may not have a big garden plot but I can grow some neat stuff. Next week I'm planting the veggies, in around all the flowering things. Last year I grew corn on the cob in one of my front yard flowerbeds.

Fatrobot showed this photo today. I love this thing. I really honestly love it. (Not the flames, I've seen real hot flame jobs and this isn't one of them but otherwise) I love this machine.

All that new room downstairs gave me some room to have a real legit dining room. I love it. We use it every day. It's a constant struggle to keep the table from cluttering up but I try.

The table was my Grandma's and the chairs were a Christmas gift to us from my parents.

When we bought the house it was all wallpaper. This is what we found when we scraped it off:
I don't get it. I guess you'd want that mess covered in wallpaper but why it was like that in the first place...and not just the living/dining room, it was like this all over the house. Stripping wallpaper became nightmarish.

I have all kinds of artwork and old b+w photos that I'd love to put up on the wall but once we got it painted, I can't stand to mess up that serene expanse of wall.

There's a guy from the Town Public Works Department parked in front of my house. He's been sitting there in his car for about three hours. He looks very bored. I feel like I should run out and give him a magazine but I can't decide if he'd like People, Canadian Mennonite, Spin, or Rolling Stone. But I won't give him any because he's making me nervous and really I just want him to leave.

Look how cute. With a dog like this, I always feel beautiful.


Redneck Nerdboy! said...

A constant state of amazement is the sign of a creative mind!

That Public Works guy was waiting for you to plant a new "crop" in your new topsoil if ya know what I mean! [winkwink]


Or not.

Heidi the Hick said...

ha ha! Every now and then we'd hear of an incident of some funny lookin corn hidden in the fields in our area. I gave that stuff up in 1987. We didn't get along all that well!!!!

Heidi the Hick said...

That Public Works guy was actually there when I walked the kids to school at 8:30, then at 9ish he left for awhile. He was back mid morning. I hit the button for this posting at 2. It's 4 now. I'm not so good with the math and all, but...

Dude's been sitting in his car in front of my house for 6 hours.

and he keeps taking the PW magnet off the door of the car and then putting it back on.


Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Did Public Works and the FBI merge agencies recently? What the hell is he doing there???

Maybe you could go out and ask him to state his business. If he screams like a girl and screeches away, you'll know.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...
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George Larson said...

Fake dog.

indygirl said...

I must get a subscription to Canadian Mennonite.

Heidi the Hick said...

It's 5:30, and Dude JUST LEFT!

I ignored him so efficiently. I was so cool I could have farted menthol. The kids waved to him as he drove away.

I'm gonna try Redneck Nerdboy's idea if he comes back.

I wonder what they're paying Dude to sit in his car all day. Maybe I need to look into employment with the town. Would they let me blog from the car?

yes George, the dog on the left, the flat one, is fake. Good eye.

Indy- challenging articles, news, book reviews, two humour columns, and a recipe thrown in every couple of months. Can't beat it.

Elmo said...

What do you do on Opposite Day?

Kari said...

Aww, your puppy dog is sooo cute!

And I spotted those hardwood floors. Beautiful!

Notsocranky Yankee said...

I hope you can get the public works job. Sounds like a good deal. I'm sure you could blog very effectively from the car. The cops around here like to leave their cars running while they are in the town hall. I almost told him once that as a taxpayer, I didn't like him wasting MY gas! (I also thought about taking the car for a ride, but didn't think it was worth getting arrested.)

Your dog is adorable! I grew up with a pug and bought one when I graduated from college. I had to give him ("Capone") to my mom when I started my flying for weeks at a time. He was my mom's buddy for 14 years!

p.s. The leaves popped out here too. I'm sure you're not surprised by that huh?

Timmy said...

puggy wuggy! how cute!

I got a hot boy on my site for you to see!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I'm signing off for the weekend. Happy Mother's Day to you Heidi!

Heidi the Hick said...

Elmo- I have kids. Every day is Oppositional Day! I'll be right over to check out the band!

Kari- Thanks! I was surprised how well those pix turned out. My house is just old enough to have nice things like hardwood and a plaster ceiling. I like it.

Yankee- EVERY TIME I see a cop car running I think that. Y'know, there's something that really would be more fun than stealing a fire truck...

Tim- I'll be right over!!

Rneck Nboy- Thank yoooo!