Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bizarre Comparison

Okay. I forget why, but I was googling Images for Amish photos. I know. How can you get Amish photos when they don't like to be photographed. I know. And please believe, I feel like I'll burn for this because I am only two or three generations away from Old Order Amish on my mom's side and in my childhood sometimes we'd see them at the big Mennonite reunion (Amish & Mennonite are slightly different, I'd have to get my parents to explain because I'm not totally clear on it but technically we are Amish Mennonite but not Old Order because both of my folks grew up with cars, except my mom didn't have electricity or plumbing as a kid but it was because they couldn't afford it, not because they didn't believe in it, although I do remember my Grandpa G having a beard but no mustache when I was little but after that he was clean shaven, and Grandma used to wear the covering with the strings but then just wore the kind that she clipped onto her hair, and it's no wonder I confuse easily as an adult...) so I'm looking at this cool website which although full of lovely pictures is just so wrong, where some dude has stealthily taken photos of the Amish at quilt auctions, because everybody knows that's where you find 'em, and although some of these people are kinda scary looking, some are magnificent, just like in the rest of the so-called normal population you have uglies and beauties, but I can't show them to you because A) I can't take the chance that some of you might make fun of them no matter how good looking they are and I can't deal with that, and B) the guilt! they don't want their photos taken so how can I show them off, but then I find one picture and I think, well heck, most of the guys I went to college with that one year looked like this, in a shades-and-fledgling-beard kind of way, and then I get lookin, and I get thinkin, and my great visual brain gets clickin, and I realized how little distance separates us from each other, and so even though I might burn for this, and I apologize to the young fella in the first photo, I present:

Young Married Totally Cool Amish Guy,

And Youngish Spoiled Legend In His Own Mind Liam Gallagher from Oasis.

god help me.


Kari said...

Maybe you won't burn in hell... I hope you don't.

I don't have any know any Amish people, but I do know some Mennoite's and they are some of the nicest people that you'll EVER meet.

Balloon Pirate said...

I like his glasses. It's interesting the way some Amish bring technology in through the side door.

A few years ago I was driving the future Lt. Trouble down to school in DC, which meant we had to drive through the center of Pennsylvania on Rt. 15, which has been under construction for 40 years I kid you not. US 15 cuts right through the center of Pennsylvania Dutch country.

There was one stretch of road where they had completed most of the construction of a divided highway, but had yet to open it to traffic. I saw a pack of teenaged amish boys, all in their traditional clothes, skating upwards of 30 mph with their inline skates. My son--a skater--noted that their skates cost upwards of $200 a pair.

I wish I'd had a camera. It would have been worth a bit of hell to take that picture.


Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Though they look kind of alike, I'm fairly certain the amish man, who is rather handsome indeed, is no where near the assholishness of his mighty majesty-who-thinks-Americans-are-morons-and-God-will-surely-move-Jesus-over-to-make-room-for-him Liam Gallagher.

Sorry, I just dispise the man. But I like the photo of the amish guy!

Anyway. Interesting thought pattern that runs through your head when you think of something Heidi! I loved reading it!

Heidi the Hick said...

Kari- I sure hope I don't too! Thanks, I think Mennos I pretty nice folks.

Pirate- Great story! I love going to the stockyards and seeing the kids puffing on cigarettes and talking on cellphones. the Amish: they're just like us!!!!

Redneck-I agree. the first guy is good looking and can't be as much of a jerk. I think I'm gonna burn not for publishing his forbidden photo but for comparing him to Liam!

Yep, my brain is interesting all right. And there's always more where that came from...