Friday, April 28, 2006

Me, Johnny, my Dog & Horses, and Other Things.

Last week I put up a couple of nice pics of my favourite guy other than my husband, which led to some interesting comments.
So, for Jo(e), who is an excellent writer and shows us beautiful photos of her neck-of-the-woods, here is a lovely clean shaven Johnny:

Okay, one more!I can't wait to see what Georgie Chawbacon will come up with....

Here are some photos of me I took on a bright sunny spring day this week. I took them for two reasons:
1) my hair colour looks so great with my skin. I wish I was a natural pink-head.
2) if I ever figure out how to put a photo on my profile, it will be one of these. Any preferences?
OO look how the sunbeams refract around my face.

One eye looking straight at you...creepy eh?

Look! I have a Tree Halo!

Here's my puppy tied to a tree at the farm with my horse's lunge line. Yesterday we trained him to stop running at the line of the ditch in front of our house. "Far enough!" I don't know how long it will take before I trust him. Trust is hard. However, there's only one way to find out if the trust is deserved: have trust.

Here's a Fire Chicken for Madame Rouge, who enjoyed the Camaro thing last week!Man, when I was 9 years old, all I wanted in life was my pony, Shaun Cassidy, and THAT car.

And finally, another look at my equine friends.
I can't wait to see them again! The weather promises to be warm and clear this weekend, and I am going riding. I haven't been in the saddle since about October, I'm sad to say, and I hardly rode last year at all. Out of the entire summer, the King and I only went for ONE rippin gallop around the field. I was feeling too queasy from the meds I was on. Not riding made me very sad. What saved me was the heartwarming sight of the kids riding together. I have two awesome kids and two great horses. Dream come true.

Have a great weekend, my loves.


madamerouge said...

re: uploading a picture to your Blogger profile... you have to jump through a couple of hoops, but it's possible. There are some articles on the Blogger help page... I found this one helpful. Basically, the photo has to be "hosted" somewhere first. In other words, it needs its own url. You can do this using Blogger.

re: the pictures from today... I'm currently fantasizing about giving up city life and getting a farm. You do make it look chic! The dog looks so happy...

re: Camaro / Trans Am... ah, the memories. My cousin got a Camaro Berlinetta for her sixteenth birthday (1986). I was green with envy. (And yes, I did not grow up anywhere near Toronto.)

and... your Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Quote of the Day: "Don't bitch! We could've brought the Trans Am!"
-Sandra Bernhard, from Without You, I'm Nothing

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Profile pic? Definitely number three, the one where you're looking up and to the left. Gorgeous hair!

JJ said...

When I was 9 all I wanted was the horses! LOL

/on Napoleon: LUCKY!!!!!!!!!

Heidi the Hick said...

Madame- I'm going to try it again Monday- thanks for the advice!

yeh, farm life is awesome. Except that I don't have Smellovision on my computer, so I couldn't give you the full sensory experience of the real countryside! The dog is a clown. Always happy.

I never got a car for my birthday. However I did get a pony for my 9th and that pretty much set me up for life.

yes JJ, I was lucky. I knew it too and I was always grateful! I had one pair of pants to wear to school but dammit, I had ponies!!!!!

JJ said...

Ok I just hadda come back to drool over Mr. Depp there. Whooyeah, that's what I'm talkin about! (He just keeps getting better w/age, doesn't he?) *wipes drool from keyboard*

Smartypants said...

Johnny Depp pictures are always appreciated for the weekend.

It's his eyes. They make me think naughty things.

jo(e) said...

You have to admit, he looks so much better cleanshaven.

I like the middle picture of you the best. But they are all really cool shots.

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BarnGoddess said...

great Johnny Depp pics, he is so delicious....I accidentally stumbled here and I enjoyed reading. In 2001 I was unable to ride for almost 7 months because of a near-fatal auto accident. I hope you have a terrific ride!

George Larson said...




George Larson said...

I cast my vote for the sunlight refraction pixture.

Heidi the Hick said...

Smartypants- naughty things! Naughty things!

Jo(e)- Nice eh?

Barngoddess- I'm glad you got back in the saddle! If you can do it, I have no excuse!

Georgie Chawbacon- you are such a shitdisturber. You're rude and you rock. xo.

As for the pics of my strange self, I'll have to trade them around and keep it interesting. Keep ya on ya toes.

Heidi the Hick said...

by the way folks, my manly Jethro is afraid Johnny looks just slightly gay in the second photo.

ha ha!

N I F T Y said...

Cute horse. He (she?) has an interesting color; mine is very bay. I wish she wasn't so bay >.< lol

Make sure you get back into the saddle soon!