Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Juno Pt 1: HALIFAX

I'm baaa-aaaack.

I've had a strenuous four days full of excitement, adrenalin, panic, fun, and stress. It was great.

Now I'm going to say something shocking:


Did you catch that? I just typed, "I love this city." You have likely never read that before from me, and you likely won't again.

I knew I'd love the east coast, because every Easterner I've ever met has been a really cool, friendly, likeable, fun person. I arrived with advice on where to go from my best friend, Bestest, who has roots there, as well as her daughter KC who took a recent adventure to see her unruly uncle. Also, I got told where to go by Fatrobot. I truly knew, however, that I loved it there, as the plane descended over a landscape of trees and small lakes. Look at this, the airport is in the MIDDLE OF THE BUSH. And while most other passengers were clucking about how backward and ridiculous this was, I was sitting there thinking, "AWESOME!"

Plus, it's a good 40 minute drive to Halifax from there. Again, more complaining. But look at the bright side, folks. No pesky airplanes flying over the city. Mind you I would hate to live out in the bush and have planes zooming overhead all day and night, but you know, you just can't keep everybody happy.

By the time we got to our hotel it was about 8:30pm. Having missed the Juno Welcome Reception party, and hungry like crazy, we set off to check out the area and look for food. We came across a nifty place on the waterfront called Stayner's Wharf. I have to tell you, the food there was so good, it could possibly be the best ever. Wow. I was so thankful to be off the meds this year and actually able to enjoy the taste of food!!!

And the beer! Propellor. Oh yeah. Empty glass.

This was a Junofest venue, which meant we were treated to some live music. We watched Ross Anderson and his quartet. They were excellent, and I am not even a jazz fan, so that's telling you something. I can appreciate the complexity and skill required for jazz, it's just not my preference. Jethro however has recorded and mixed a truckload of jazz. He was thrilled.

Being rather amped up from the flight, and full of happy beer, and not needing to rush home to anybody, we stepped out on this beautiful night to check out some other venues. Every bar or tavern or club was nicely full. We stopped in on one playing urban music, which we didn't really get, therefore leaving to make room for someone who could appreciate it. The next club we hit had the full on security and a band that was really quite lame. For all the trouble it took to get in, I wanted some serious headbanging. But no. All I got was irritated by the strobe lights. The effects of a very full day set in and I begged my man to take me "home".

It felt good to walk through this beautiful city in the dark on such an exciting night.

The downtown core of this city is an efficient grid which rises steeply away from the coastline, up to a hill fortress. Everything between the harbour and the Citadel Hill is groovy, baby. Old stone buildings mix with low rise towers. There are no obnoxious skyscrapers here. Halifax is willing to proudly proclaim its uniqueness and its east coast character. Another thing I love is the presence of the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design. There's also an art gallery smack dab in the middle which I regret not going to. We did a lot of walking while we were there. With the steepness of the grade, we figured we'd have great backsides if we lived there.

On Saurday we ventured up to the Citadel. From the streets below it is an odd mound of earth with incongruous chimneys sticking out of it. It very cleverly disguises a star shaped fort with moats and an inner courtyard.

View of the city from the top of the hill.

We have no clue what this means. Ten men? How would they fit into this tiny doorway? And how do I flip this photo the right way around????

Jethroooooo! Watch out!!!!
We thought about our kids a lot, but especially when we were here. They would have loved this.

We just happened to be there when they fired off the cannon. Yee haw!

A little note regarding our hotel: the Marriott really has the whole thing with the bedding down. We slept on the softest cotton sheets and fluffy pillows. The cold water tap was wonky but the bedding....niiiice.

Next: The Saturday night Industry Only Private Ticketed Event Juno "Gala".


Notsocranky Yankee said...

Glad you had such a great time!I like the door with the 10 men. I'll take door #3!

Welcome home...

Smartypants said...

Hey sweetie! I'm glad you had a good time! I like the pictures.

So...did you see any famous ppl?

Heidi the Hick said...

Yes Smarty, I walked past several famous people and I even touched a few!!

crankyank- the flight was totally uneventful, just the way I like it!

pluvialis said...

You touched famous people!?! What a fantastic post and what a fantastic time. Cooooool.

Smartypants said...

Tag. You're it.

Heidi the Hick said...

Pluvialis- it depends on who is famous to who, but yes, I did!!
And that is still not quite as cool as what you did last weekend!

Smarty- hang on babe, you'll get the tour soon!