Saturday, February 25, 2006

Me, and that other Heidi

I was trying to ignore my kids today (sometimes I do that when they're perfectly capable of figuring it out for themselves yet still feel the need to make it my problem) and for a distraction I punched my own name into google images. Very interesting.

For example, here's me the way you all expect to see me: I love it so much up on the mountain. It's beautiful there. The air is clear and perfect, in fact, so much so that I sometimes get a little dizzy. This is my friend Peetah. After I went to boarding school and saw how the other half lives, I was so homesick that I thought I would come back here some day and marry him and have blonde haired twins and adopt a toddler with ADHD. But then a bad boy with a big old car and long hair and a red guitar convinced me to marry him instead. It worked out well, since in retrospect, Peetah made me a little nervous. Only a matter of time until he pushed me off a cliff, you know, just to hear me scream. To this day I get nervous when there's a hand in the middle of my back!

This is me put through the anime filter. I don't like myself this way. I find myself to be rather creepy. Look at those wild unseeing eyes and the open mouthed idiocy. When I have a day like this it's all bad. And look at the red outfit and the basket. What, did I think I was going to Grandma's house? Creepy. Not creepy fun, just creepy. Moving on.

I'm surprized how many people name their pets after me.

But most of the pictures of Heidi were very glamorous, in fact, much more glamorous than I normally attempt to be.
For a denim wearing hick, I clean up good.

Here's one Jethro took in an alternate universe last time we were in Florider:

Dig me, two babies and look at me now:

Here I am inspired to dye my hair pink. I already used up a whole package of bleach, and those flowers looked so good next to my radiant complexion, I figured, heck, why not.

I'm just another crazy eyed german girl.


Mephistopheles said...

I feel the need to cross-comment to prove that some humans still care.

Few cows or supermodels are called mephistopheles. :(

Heidi the Hick said...

thank you for your caring!!

Yours is not the most feminine name, but maybe a bull could be named after you?? Could be worth a look...

Smartypants said...

I like the cow picture.

Cows have the straightest toplines.

Heidi the Hick said...

There's nowhere to put the saddle.