Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Gilbert Grape is a Hick Too!

Did a little impulsive video store shopping yesterday. I hear laughter is the best medicine so I got the Holy Grail, since I hadn't seen it since about 1989, and my daughter watched it at a friend's and thought it was hilarious. She's 11. But I digress. There was a copy of "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" and I said to myself, man, for 9.99 I must take these people home with me.
Anybody who's a regular around here may already know about my little Johnny Depp thing. Actually the whole reason for tonight's entry is an excuse to mention his name. Johnny Depp. Ah I feel much better now. However it's not quite what you think, because while lots of his fans dream of unmentionable passions and lusts, I dream of drawing funny cartoons with him, and having long discussions about how weird our dreams are, and how weird it is that we have similar dreams, as I gaze lovingly and he tells me how incredibly cool I am. And then we giggle about the secret of our identical brain matter. Or something.

Anyways, it has occurred to me before that my pal Johnny is, in real life, a little bit like me. Sure he's done the whole supermodel-girlfriend-hotel-room-trashing-jet-set-red-carpet thing and I have not. Oh wait! I'm so wrong about that-I HAVE done the red carpet thing, last year! Only it was in Winnipeg and not one person asked me who I thought I was, which really bummed me out, so I guess that doesn't count. Uh, the point, hidden in there, is that my buddy Johnny is a bit of a hick himself. Seriously. Florida? Kentucky? Blowing things up in Colorado with Hunter S Thompson? Living among kids and gardens and Vanessa in the south of France? He's a hick.

And one of the things I dug about Gilbert Grape was the decrepit house in the sticks and the gloriously shook up old truck. I am a sucker for that stuff every time. Ya ya I know, Gilbert's a character and Johnny's real, whatevs, I am writing this after downing a nice beer and may look it over in the morning and wonder what the hell is going on here. Honestly, even with my poor typing skills I don't think I've ever taken this long to write a blog column. GEez. Okay one more time before I fall into bed, cheap pathetic drunk that I am. Johnny Depp. Much better. G'nite!


KJ said...

Heidi: Thanks for stopping by the Pointy Universe. I just bookmarked your blog as I feel I, like Johnny Depp, may share a little brain matter with you. Keep it up!

Smartypants said...

What is it about Johnny Depp? Love him. Love him. Love him.

And I don't say that about too many actors.

Heidi the Hick said...

It's not just his unearthly beauty, Smarty, it's his ability to make you forget who he is because he is the person he's playing. The guy can be anything and it's believable. I've never doubted him. Plus he does the up-and-down look like nobody else. Watch Blow when he meets his future wife. mm mm. All that and he's dead-sexy on top of it. ok that's enough for today, some day I'm sure his people will have me arrested.