Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sexiest Hick Alive!

So I'm sitting here this morning staring at Matthew McYummyhey on the cover of People Magazine. When I saw him staring at me over at Shopper's Drug Mart, I said to myself, Now there is a good lookin' hick. You are comin' home with me.

I have always kind of liked this guy and I couldn't honestly tell you if he's a good actor or not. He just always looks like a good old nice guy who always finishes a meal and says thank you afterwards. And he really looks hot in those Stetson ads. Does not everybody agree with me? I'm a sucker for a Stetson any day but he tops it all.

Speaking of Sexiest Man Alive, I still have not forgiven the People people for the huge mistake they made in 2003. Finally, they give Johnny Depp his cover. It took way too long and then to add further insult they only gave him two thirds of the cover. The rest they gave to that Bachelor Bob doofus and his equally dorky looking lady friend, who later joined the convent because ol' Bob turned her off of men so bad. Or something. Who cares? They ripped off my Johnny! I figure he himself doesn't care either but I care very deeply about Johnny.

He's a sweet little hick too I think. Born in Kentucky. I've driven through Kentucky. What an amazing place! Mountains, hillbillies, race horses, Mercedes dealerships, trucks, Jesus billboards! Wow.

So if you don't mind, this is it for today, my four dear readers. (Yes, there are four of you now!) I must read all about the sexy men. This may take some time!


digitalcowgirl said...

Johnny!....drool, drool... I completely agree! I just moved from KY and then found out that his mom still lives there. i'm working on a plan to move back and find a house next to his mom...I can dream, right?

Heidi the Hick said...

Darn right you can dream! maybe you can drop by on his mom when he comes to visit with Vanessa & the kids. Sigh!