Monday, November 21, 2005

A chilly wind, a big sky, and two acres of pasture

Sometimes, that's all it takes to make me happy.

After church yesterday, the kids and I put on our grubby clothes (they weren't actually dirty but the point is that they're allowed to, get it?) and we wandered around the farm. This isn't the adventure some of you may be picturing. We don't have access to miles of untamed wilderness. But there is a scrapyard, there is a pasture, and there are horses!

This was Dog's first weekend at the farm. This was an entirely new thing for him. He's still in that disgusting poop eating phase of his puppyhood, and he was pleased with some hidden surprises. Amazing how dogs sniff out poop in the most obscure corners.

The meeting of Horses and Dog was pretty dang funny. Ever seen what happens when a horse gets his nostril licked by a puppy? I hadn't either. I've never seen a horse blink so fast. As for Dog, the friendliest little critter in the world, he was ready for a good old butt sniffing party except that it wasn't physically possible and I had to grab him away from impending doom when he ran up to a set of hooves to take a look.

We did not let the house dog walk through the corral, location of manure pile, on his own paws. We carried him across to keep him away from the mecca of manure. Call us cruel for wrecking his fun but we have standards, okay?

Our hands were freezing. I had my big awkward work gloves off so I wouldn't drop the puppy. There isn't any windbreak to keep the west wind off the field, but I was surrounded by my horses and kids and had the dog in my arms, and the barn cat was prowling around, and every few seconds the sun would poke out from behind a cloud before going into hiding again.

A short visit, but a worthwhile and necesssary visit.

I'm going to reward you, my three faithful readers, with some PICTURES as soon as somebody smarter than me figures out how to do it. Come back again!!!


jenny said...

great site .

Heidi the Hick said...

thanks jenny! come back in a few days when I have photos up!