Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Furry Friends

I have been blessed with some of God's greatest creatures in my life. Specifically, My Critters.

As I type this, a wrinkly, grunty puppy with buggy eyes is snuffling in my lap. He's a very different dog. He doesn't look or sound like a dog, but he sure does run, chew and eat like a dog, even one four times his size! He's wearing me out but I love him. He's already a good friend, despite still poopin in his kennel once each night. (Grrrr)

My Cat is in his rightful place where I left him much earlier this morning- my bed. To be exact, the place where my shoulder would be, just under my pillow. He is The King Of The Bed. This cat joined us over 14 years ago, about a month after the Man and I got married. Cat has endured 6 moves, 2 babies, and now a Puppy. Through it all he has rarely stopped looking like the regal Cool Guy that he is. Although he really sleeps a lot now. Some things don't change, because he still tells me when it's time to eat and time to go to bed, and when I come home, that I was out too long. What would I do without him?

But the guy who's been in my life even longer is my horse, The KING. How many horses know what a camera is, and that it's time to puff up and look magnificent? I don't get it, but he does. He knows things he shouldn't know. He will watch you work and if you lean that tool against the wall, it'll be gone next time you turn around. He'll be halfway across the corral with it. If somebody rolls into the laneway with a horse trailer, he is up at the fence like a dog wagging its tail, his eyes big, tail up like a flag. "where are we going???" Imagine his disappointment if the trailer goes into the shop instead of up to his corral. My favourite is his incredible hygiene. He's the cleanest horse I've ever met. He is visibly disturbed if his corral is muddy. He'll pick his way through the drier patches rather than get his four dainty whites dirty. Like any horse he loves to roll but has an amazing ability to shake much of the dirt off after. In the barn he only drops his mess along the back of the stall. And, shame on you if you don't get out there to let him outside early enough. He'll hold it all night, but you'll know it if you got out there too late because he's looking at you all sad faced and irritated, and there's a big puddle in the middle of his stall. And it's all your fault. I have actually apologized to this horse.

My kids have had a lovely filly since 2002. She's an appaloosa. She was the same red as the King when she was a yearling, but with white spots on her bum. She's almost all white now, with little red flecks and freckles. The kids are so in love with this little mare. She is so gentle and agreeable. She's one of the easiest horses I've ever trained. Just a complete joy. Only once before in my life of horses, have I had one come up me for a pat like she does. Most horses are only interested in you if there's food in your hands. This one really just wants to be your friend. Of course, our Little Lady is in her rebellious teenager phase of her life, but her version is nothing. I got the King at age 4 and he was a handful. Little Lady is just a frisky young mare trying her best to figure out what her humans want from her. I'm so glad she's part of our lives.

I'm really looking forward to seeing those horses next weekend, and the Barn Cat who is a good little buddy too. If we stay for a long weekend, we'll be bringing our Cat and Dog. The little Dog hasn't been out there yet. I wonder what the horses and dog will think of each other! Whatever I may feel is wrong in my life, my Critters can always make me feel good again.

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