Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fake comments, telemarketers and duct cleaning. Go away, All of you!!!

So far, on my Blah blah blog, I have gotten about 4 comments. That's it, four stinkin rotten comments. Every one of them start off, "Hey, nice blog!" And ends up with "Hey, wanna make money just by sittin around on your butt at home? Visit this website!"

What a load of bull%$#*. If I wanted to get barraged with this kind of garbage, I'd actually answer the phone.

You know how you're just sitting down to eat and the phone rings? I refuse to get it while we're eating. You know it's somebody trying to get you to pay them to suck the dust out of your heating ducts. Like you couldn't find that in the friggin phone book if you wanted it done.

My husband, Jethro, likes to pick it up and tell them to take his name off the list.

And then there's junk mail. Every Thursday I throw a stack of flyers in the recycling box. I don't want to know what's on sale this weekend. If I don't need it I won't buy it--look at that, I just avoided spending my money. I didn't even have to leave the house.

And now I have to put up with junkmail on my blog, of all sacred places. Get me all amped up for a comment on the witty humour, imaginative titles, and quality writing. But no, all I get is "Visit my great new work from home website!"

Come on, all three of you readers, give me some love! Be the one to be the first to put a real comment up! Strike back against the bogus form letter of rip off fake business! Unless you're really boring. Then I'll just go on being disgusted with what I'm getting.

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