Monday, August 24, 2015

This is the day that my life changes!

Today, I am going to go over to OUR NEW HOUSE and have a little look around.  I'm going to look in closets and cupboards and corners.  I'm going to say, "Hello, beautiful house.  We are your new people!"

I imagined this ever since we moved into the farmhouse six years ago.  Back then, I imagined a whole other farm.  Well, that didn't happen.  It's okay.  The grandparents won't make my horses homeless.  A week ago today I had a small mental meltdown between the barn and the house.  How am I going to manage my horses from town?  How am I going to survive in town?  What if I don't feel well enough to drive out here? What if I don't have wheels to get out here?  What if I can't get to the farm and dad isn't home and nobody can do chores?

Okay, by the time I got to the door of the house, I had quickly processed most of that and talked myself back into solidity.  These are problems that mostly have solutions, and either way, not likely to actual disasters.  Not ideal, of course not.  But it's okay.  It's not so bad.

Most important of all?  My husband and I will be together more.  We need that.  This has been brutal.  He still has to go into the city to record in a big room - in fact, he's got 14 days booked in Toronto in September.  But the rest of the time, home.

I'm surrounded by boxes and chaos and my dog is not happy about this.  The next week is going to be insane.  This is a big move.  We have to disentangle our belongings from my mom's stuff, and move all the gear we're keeping from the studio to the new property.  Fortunately I've been feeling steadily better but I'm not up for heaving furniture.  I am going to be the traffic director.

I am totally overwhelmed.

I am extremely excited.

I'm not as scared as I was a couple months ago.

This is really happening.


Undercover Sandy Cove-r said...

What an exciting time for you, Heidi. Be in the moment when it comes to all the 'what if' stuff. You'll deal with it. Pretty much everything is surmountable! Live it, girl. And tell that sweet guy, Dobby, to chill. He'll love his new place.

jules said...

I think unpacking and putting stuff in new places is the most fun part of moving. What a great time in your lives! Enjoy it, all that new.

Paul Tee said...

Knowing how badly you have been anticipating this event, I’m excited for you. Very, very excellent!
The best part is that you and hubby (Are we still calling his Jethro?) will be together.
Sure things have to be moved, boxed and unboxed, but don’t despair things will find their place, even the pug.
No need to panic. At times like this I tell myself that life is a series of problems looking for solutions. Guess what? Without those problems life would be exceedingly boring. (That’s the mental side of the issue.) On the real side, I’m a worrier, anticipating problems that often never happen, and if they do, I try telling myself that there is time enough to worry when I’m staring it in the face. I have pocketsful of such useless mantras and they never stopped me from worrying.
So I advise, enjoy what you can when you can. I’m looking forward to the house warming AND more blogs of your NEW life.

Paul Tee said...

After the fact: It’s my guess that some of the boxes must have been unpacked by now, and that 60% had found their places. The pug had to have christened the four corners of the house to make his claim and announced to the neighborhood that a new dog was in town.
The problem I foresee for you is that the old GMC still wants to go back to the old place. It’s hard to teach an old trucks new tricks. After all, it was the place and time of its youth.
I’m sure that the neighbors have been by, with offerings of peach pie and raspberry cordials.
I’m halfway convinced that the welcome wagon had found you and delivered its gift-box package.
According to my best estimate you have had 2 ¼ visits from the Jehovah Witnesses.
The paper lands on your front porch punctually every morning and that the post office took note of your new residence.
My question is: How come we haven’t heard of any of this???

Heidi the Hick said...

Paul - I will write an update soon I promise!!! You're close though, except no witnesses at the door. I'm either rearranging things or lying down. But I'll make it sound more interesting later ok?

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