Friday, March 20, 2015

This is us at the Junos, 2015

Friday evening


Saturday evening

How do ya like the big man's silvery pinstriped cowboy shirt?  And my $25 "vintage" dress?

Here's me being sassy then laughing about it.

Sunday (telecast)

Here we are on the red carpet!  (You can't even tell how tired I was feeling!  Thanks, make up!)

This is me having my picture taken "with" Alanis.  

Yep, that's our height difference, with me in huge heeled boots...

Official photographer picture, which I will eventually pay for and get it for real without the watermark.  

Y'know, I'm pretty sure that scarf was even when I left the hotel.  Can't take me anywhere.  And yes, I was wearing fuzzy mitts.  I had a toque in my bag too, just in case some idiot decided to take the carpet outdoors.  

It was a fun-stressful weekend.  Jethro didn't win the Juno but we are totally okay with that because any one of those 5 guys could have taken it and we'd have been happy.  We got to hang with our kids (Bucky would rather not have his picture up on this site though, so you'll just have to imagine how cool the kids looked.)  I survived!  It's now Friday, a full week later, and I still have not recovered, but I made it through.  And had a good time.  I did not fall over.  I did not fall asleep in my french fries after the concert.    I didn't go to any parties - I sent my daughter instead.  Turns out she's good at schmoozing too.  The future is bright.  

We got home on Monday to a barnyard full of stink and tumbleweeds of horsehair.  Home sweet home!


Auntie said...

Loved the report, Heidi, and your photos are amazing! It's not every day that you get to photobomb Alanis ... way to go! How is it that you and your gorgeous young daughter look like sisters?

mugwump said...

You two look sooooooooo cool on the carpet. Your vintage dress was beautiful. Wait, wait, I have to do it.
"Hick, oh Hick! Who are you wearing?"

Heidi the Hick said...

"Mug, oh Mug! I'm wearing two outfits that together cost $45!" Whenever I hear "WHO are you wearing" I want to say "Fred." Which is ridiculous. Why would I name a dress Fred?

We bought the big guy's new shirts and jeans at a huge tack shop down the highway. He is now a big fan of Ariat jeans and has pretty much decided that's his brand now. He might never sit on a horse ever again but those are his jeans!

Auntie - You know the answer… it runs in the family!!!

Paul Tee said...

I agree with Auntie, the two of you are striking look-a-likes, give and take a few years.
The pictures were great, as well as those on instagram. You look like you were all having fun.
The answer is obvious to me, you need regular shots of red carpet excitement, and plethra of rock stars.
I even watched the Gala evening, but hydro kicked off half way through.

Undercover Sandy Cove-r said...

You clean up very well,Heidi The Hick. Great to see your smile!

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