Tuesday, January 07, 2014

"But it FEELS LIKE -40 with the wind chill."

What, like -25 C wasn't cold enough????

The weather reporter is wearing a hat plus a fuzzy hood.

The son's school, which is in town and stays open when the rural buses are cancelled, is shut down.

My daughter isn't in school today because the entire college is shut down.

The highway is closed.

Our road is open but there's not much traffic - and it's slow.

The snow has drifted up to the barn windows.

Yesterday my ol man got the tractor and snowblower into the corral yesterday morning.  He cleared snow away from the manure pile.  By 5:00 the path was drifted over.

I'm not sure where I'm going to dump the manure.  For the last couple years I dug a path or get the snowblower in there.  It's too much this year.  IT HAS BROKEN MY SPIRIT WAHHHHHH.

The water tap in the barn is frozen.

So is my face.  After about five minutes outside my cheeks feel numb.  Or ten minutes.  Two minutes? I don't know.


The electricity still works, so the trough heater is doing its thing, and thankfully the house has power.

I left the horses in the barn this morning, just picked the stalls a little and gave them hay.  The goats are unflustered and the chickens, well, they're chickens.

It's ridiculously beautiful out there.  The field is like a frozen ocean, and the sunlight shifts with every drift of snow.

And as much as I complain, I'm still so happy to not be working in an office right now.


mugwump said...

I wonder who decides what -40 feels like...Brrr.

Heidi the Hick said...

I decide, when my snot freezes inside my nose and my lungs hurt when I breathe!!!

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