Friday, August 09, 2013

Having way too much fun for a living: A Hick Chic Guide

Start with a couple of friendly gentle horses.  Two works well for me.  Horses that are already spotted and/or speckled are a bonus

Add 2 or 4 youngsters.

And a box of sidewalk chalk and a bucket of water.

"No Speed limit"

Wet the chalk and see what happens.  

"Copper Rocks"

"Speed limit"

"Indian Pony"

This horse will soak up any form of attention he can get.  I looooove this horse.
I'm sure it helps if the adult involved in this is a bit of a child inside.  Yes, I was right in there, rubbing a stick of chalk on the palm of my hand to make historically inaccurate decorations on my little Appaloosa.

Here's a hint if you want to try this at home: sidewalk chalk does wash off with shampoo and a good rinse, but you'll have to scrub like heck. If you have a white horse it might show up for another couple days after bath time!  But hey, they're not going anywhere that they'd be embarrassed by the faded handprints and lightning bolts and hearts and crosses and stars and extra spots!  And the finger paints, which I hear wash out much easier, doesn't come in as many nifty colours.  So there's that.

Can you tell I'm really enjoying my work?


Paul Tee said...

Like that.

...ride a painted pony
let the spinning wheel turn...

Heidi Willis said...

That is totally awesome!

mugwump said...

Hee Hee.