Wednesday, July 03, 2013

DANGIT AVRIL -- The Wedding Edition

I got a text from my Pal Al today saying, "see your twin got married on the weekend"

To which I responded, "Yeah on my anniversary!  Didn't I tell you she always steals my ideas !!!"

At least in this wedding she isn't wearing a white dress with white cowboy boots, and carry white roses with three little red roses stuck in there.  Way to get your own ideas Avril, finally, geez (eye roll.)  In a bold statement of her dedication to always looking like she got smacked with the Mall Goth Stick (I'm pretty sure that's a real thing) she got married in all black, including the black lipstick around her eyes.

They both look slightly smacked -- maybe the flash was too bright.

Actually I think this is kind of fun!  I love black.  It is very formal and classy and looks good on everybody.  Can't go wrong.  

But people, listen.  This is serious.  The Chavril anniversary will from here on be the same as the Heidi and Jethro anniversary.  And they must be just as thick skulled and forgetful as we are because they basically chose the date for the same reasons we did, which are...

  1. This is the date on which they started dating
  2. this way they will always remember their anniversary date - it's so easy!
And of course, we can all fool ourselves into thinking that our wedding anniversary is A NATIONAL HOLIDAY EVERYBODY CELEBRATE OUR ETERNAL LOVE WITH RED AND WHITE FLAGS AND FIREWORKS WHOOOOOO HOO!!!

Well I'm happy for those crazy kids. They're one of those "forehead slap couples"; at first it's stunning but then it's stunningly obvious.  I've become fond of the Chavril and I hope this sticks together. July 1st has been a good date for us, and we've been at the very least acknowledging it with a "Hey still glad I married ya" for TWENTY TWO YEARS! I honestly hope theirs is a long and happy marriage, filled with all a good marriage has to offer: love, acceptance, productive arguments resulting in understandings, compromises on which way the shoes should be placed on the rug inside the door, where the best place is to locate the swingset in the backyard, and which guitar take is best for that particular song.  And that a horse is the best guy to hang around with if not with the husband.  Oh wait I guess they don't have that problem.  Unless Chad decides his recording studio in a barn needs a horse.  Seriously his studio was a horse barn.    I want that.  And then another little barn for the actual horses.  

But I digress.

So she's short and has been known to dress weird and now got married the same day I did.  I am constantly alternating my opinion of her between "she is so cute" and "she is so irritating" which is likely very similar to what many people think of me!  

If she starts wearing cut off "Farm Girl Brand" shorts with red topped socks and old purple roper boots then we will KNOW she's been spying on me...


pseudosu said...

You def win. She married the Nickleback guy... Really???

Heidi the Hick said...

Yep, really. Their babies will be screamers!

mugwump said...

If you have to have a stalker, at least you got a good one.

Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah, she writes her own music so that's worthy!

Anybody else think ol Chad there has gotten better looking since Avril came into his life? He smiles more. At first it was a shock, seeing him without the rock-scowl... But it's good, I think, first lose the nickelbob then marry the cute young lady. Smart.