Monday, May 20, 2013

MISSING GOAT - found safe and returned home!

Mildred, one of the pygmy goats who spent the winter here, was stolen from her pen at a small property on Saturday night.  It was deliberate act, because the fence was broken down.

Well, after the local news ran a story, her owners were contacted and Mildred came home.

Somebody thought it would be funny to steal a goat, take her to a town down the road, and chain her to a tree with a sign saying "free lawnmower."

Okay, as much as I'm relieved that she's safe and unharmed, especially since she is days way from birthing a goat kid... what the heck?  Is that a joke?  I'm not laughing!  I know how attached that goat is to her little herd.  And, you know, pregnant.

I could get very worked up about this but I'm just happy that she's home again, and nothing bad happened.  I cried a little when I watched the report on the news.  The camera got a shot of Ivan bleating and of course the editor cued it up with the reporter mentioning that the other two goats have been distressed since Mildred's disappearance.  I've gotten very attached to these wonderful little animals.

Is it no longer socially unacceptable to steal critters?  If so, can we make it very uncool again?


Heidi the Hick said...

She's been found and is safe! Someone saw the news story on TV.

Apparently some joker thinks it's funny to steal a goat. Moron.

Cindy D. said...

karma is not kind to idiots who steals goats.

Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah didn't it used to be a crime with a severe punishment? I'm not saying we bring back public flogging or anything but maybe some harsh public shaming at the very least?

~Dwana said...

Just ask the Chicago Cubs about being mean to goats :( so sorry and glad she is safe and home!