Monday, November 12, 2012

Good thing I moved some junk out of the way before the photo session in the hay mow...

Somebody had to do a photography assignment when she came home from college this weekend.

The Girl With Camera is making good use of the barn on the Ol Homestead.

Now tell me how much you love that coat.


Auntie said...

Hey, a new one! Welcome back, Heidi. That is a great photo ... everything about it. I look forward to seeing more of the same!

Paul Tee said...

Very interesting picture. Makes me ask what were you thinking?

Maybe it was to promote running shoes?

There is much tension in the pose, off balance on a diagonal against the straight up and down of the splits in the boards. The view, I wouldn't call it claustrophobic, but has the sense of very much inside a personal space, a blending of subtle shadows, nuances. Yet the eyes are aimed directly at the viewer. Actually, the overall effect is a bit unsettling, yet soulful. The black and white gives it drama and poignancy.

Knowing how much that is part of your world, and how important it is to you, I find somehow very telling. The same pose, under the opens sky with a horizon wouldn't have been half as effective.

Very well done. Is that your daughter's work?

Undercover Sandy Cove-r said...

Verrrrrrrrrrry intelesting! I love the contrast. The shoes have it! Phyllis

Heidi the Hick said...

Auntie - thank you! There will be more. I'd love to get brilliant daughter and brilliant cousin in the same room some day too!

Paul - What was I thinking? Hmmm. "This is kind of uncomfortable and I'm not as warm as I was in my thermal coveralls but these are the things I do for my kid, and also it's getting dark and I have to keep this up until we have no more light. Holding still for four seconds is extremely difficult."

haha, the running shoes were simply the only alternative to the extremely dirty hand-me-down winter boots I had on before!

So yes, this is my daughter's work, and she ended up not handing it in because it had to be a waist- up portrait.

I have this thing where I see a picture of myself and I do not, ever, believe that it's me. I don't think that looks like my face at all.

pseudosu said...

The coat kicks ass! (I hope the collar is fake or it makes me sad, but still looks amazing on you.) love the long hair, the tude, the bleak. All make for a cool shot. :)

annyong said...

I dislike blogger, the real image is like 6 times the size of this one :'(

u guise arnt evan geting the ful experinse lolse.

But I appreciate all the feedback nonetheless! :D

annyong said...
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annyong said...

(it said the same comment twice so I deleted it)

b t dubs.

mugwump said...

Ill give you five dollars if you ride in this get up.

Heidi Willis said...

Gorgeous and haunting and eclectic... I love it!

The coat is only superceded by the shoes. Awesome shoes. :)

Heidi the Hick said...

Sue- I'm pretty good at attitude, it turns out!

Annyong - I have no desire to see my face 6 x bigger!

Mugwump - a) pix for proof? and b) do I have to go to Colorado to collect?

Heidi - the shoes were not part of the plan, but hey, it added some fun.

I still don't think that looks like me at all.