Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HUNKY BASS PLAYER DAY! Because Foster The People are so close yet so far away

Cubbie Fink of Foster The People, the band Annyong wanted to go see tonight, but the logistics and distance worked against her.  

This should make her feel better.

I like bass players.

One reason is Bass Face.  

(You can get over goofy facial expressions cuz he's got a jaw like a superhero.)

Also, the guy's name is CUBBIE FINK.  That is one of the craziest coolest names ever.  

Plus, I give up - I totally dig this band.  I am surprised at how much I dig this band, but it doesn't matter.  They got me.

She'll start her campaign now to convince them to play closer to home next time they come through Ontario.  Basically anywhere but Toronto.  Our backyard would do nicely.  


mugwump said...

I had a friend many years ago, who worked at a small college radio station.
Lyle Lovett was touring Colorado and was playing Denver and Boulder.
My friend found a number (ahem) and called Lyle's manager.
Said, "Why can't Lyle play here too? I'll show him around Garden of the Gods."
Lyle's manager asked, Lyle picked up the phone and drawled, "Sure."
He did one acoustic night with just him and his bass player to a small, but packed hall.
My friend got to hang out in GOG park with Lyle.
Tell Annyong to keep working on it.
They just might play your backyard.

Heidi the Hick said...

That's mind blowing - just call up Lyle's manager and suggest a gig. (isn't Lyle a cow horse guy?)

She's gently hinting on twitter that they should come back next year and play a little closer to home. She didn't mention how big our backyard is though. That detail can wait til closer to tour planning time right?

John said...

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Heidi the Hick said...

my very beautiful and interesting series of greatly detailed and appreciated artistic work, that I didn't actually produce, but just "borrowed" off the net and wrote captions for????

Wow spam is a scream eh?

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