Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A year with Oakie

 Last year, Halloween was on a Sunday.  That's the day we brought Oakie to the Old Homestead.  When we left the Little Valley, my friend Susan was getting Spyder ready for trick-or-treat.  (We don't get trick-or-treaters out here.  But I had to buy candy.  Just in case, right?)

So we've now had a full year with this sweet little chestnut Quarter Horse mare.

I won't claim that she's perfect.  I always wrap her front pasterns when riding, to keep her sound.  She tends to be very forward, as in, you don't need much "gas" to make her go!  She only tolerates children, but she is awesome with my adult students.  Even though I know she could ride a little better -- more impulsion from her hindquarters, slow down some, get the lateral movements tuned up -- I really enjoy being on her back.  She's so responsive and eager.  

She looooves to be treated kindly.  I think most horses do, but she really appreciates a good spa day.  Her lips twitch with happiness when you go at her with a nice soft brush.  

And she's got the most beautiful large eyes.  

She and Annyong have developed a lovely friendship.

So yeah.  This horse stays with me for life! 

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Anonymous said...

They are rarely perfect but once found these forever horses will steal our hearts away!!

I have a couple (ok three) in my front paddock!! And they all have they goofy moments and generous spirits!!!