Thursday, November 10, 2011

Payin' some bills...

You might notice some advertising on my blog.

I've decided to try and earn some income from my writing.  Ultimately I'd like that to be from writing novels that people want to read, but this is a long difficult process, often verging onto frustrating and confidence-destroying, and at its worst, soul-sucking, but a process that I insist on putting myself through.

I mean, theoretically, we're supposed to get paid to do something we like and are good at, right?

I like to write.

I think I'm decent at it.

It's taken me years to figure out how this whole "making a living" thing works.  I'm not good at being an employee.  I'm forgetful and scatterbrained and tend to be thinking about really awesome things/ really worrying things instead of thinking about what the boss wants me to be thinking about.  But blogging is great, because I get to do all the thinking!  So then, that thinking turned into... hey... I hear some people get paid to blog.  WAHHHHT?  HOW DO THEY DO THAT?   Well, other people pay them to put ads on their blogs.

Now that I've had a couple years of getting paid to teach people how to ride horses, I've discovered what a buzz it is do get paid to so something I love, and may I say, I do believe I'm pretty good at it.

The satisfaction of paying for something with money that I earned is something I gave up for a few years while I raised the younguns.  It was worth it, but now?  Now I'm ready to pay some bills!

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