Friday, September 23, 2011


I've been working, like 3 or 7 different gigs this week and I don't want to think about phones, paint rollers, or horse chiropractors.  What better way to cleanse the mind than...MUSICIANS!  Yay!

To celebrate HUNKY BASS PLAYER DAY I've asked my daughter Annyong The Muser to provide me with some pix of our Hunky Bass Player of the Day.

Chris Wolstenholme of Muse

This man is so BEAST.  

Yes, that's right.  Wolstenbeast. 

The above picture made me actually forget what I was saying mid-sentence when the kid showed it to me on the iGadget.  

(Bonus: Bass Face.  Much more serious than Guitar Face.)

Not only is he a slammin' bass player...  

...he's also got those teardrop shaped eyes that knock me over every time.

And also, well, this.

He's quite capable of rocking the handlebar mustache.  That takes some pretty manly style. 

He's also got a wife and FIVE KIDS plus another one on the way.  

Any questions?

And on top of all that, you can always trust a man in a plaid shirt.  Even if it's a slightly hideous plaid shirt.  It still counts.  

Happy "Hunky Bass Player Day" to you!!!

ps go check out the WATCH SOME MUSIC page (top of the blog here) and watch the Knights Of Cydonia video.  It's awesome.  And Chris has a big cowboy mustache and is wearing a black T shirt and a cowboy hat.  I'm just saying.  

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Paul Tee said...

Yes! MUSE anytime, anywhere, anyhow...

hardboiled, softboiled, light over easy

Loud, soft, nuanced

always in the mood

Now, I really got to run, almost finished first draft of something brand new.