Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So about that auction on the weekend...

No, we are NOT the new owners of a nifty little piece of land on a dirt road.

Yes, it sold for a reasonably low price.  No, I did not cry!  It really wasn't the right place for us, and we knew that.

But.  I still took on my first try at BIDDING!

For the first time ever, I bid on something and I got it!  Does that mean I bought it or I won it?  I never thought of it that way before.  You'll hear about that later.

The second time I bid on something... well I got that too.  Before we all start thinking I'm real naturally good at this auction bidding thing, I have a feeling I got my stuff because nobody else wanted it.

Also I ended up bidding against myself at one point.  So I laughed along with all the ol fellers and said, "I'm new here!" which wasn't totally true because I've lurked at these events since childhood.  The seasoned bidders make it look so easy!!!!

So what did I get?

A big ol hay wagon.

Here, the Farm Pug shows off the new implement.  

You know, cuz if you need hay, it's handy to have a hay wagon. 

Plus when I finally organize  HICKSTOCK, the biggest live show of local country-punk-metal bands, I have a stage.  

More later.  I have more.  Later.


mommyrides said...

I love a good hay wagon....they really do have so many good uses!!!

Heidi Willis said...

That would make a TOTALLY WICKED outdoor stage!! I can't wait for the show photos!

(Congrats on your wins!)