Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My favourite scallywag is returning with more swash and buckling!

He's back.

I knew he couldn't stay away long.

He brought along a guy who looks like ol' Captain Barbossa, but can't possibly be him what with the fancy high toned threads.  Isn't he supposed to be all filthy?  Can't be him.

He also brought along BLACKBEARD!  


(I think they're naked.)

And it looks like the inevitable has happened: one of his ex-girlfriends has tracked him down.  This could get interesting.

Looks like he's still as saucy and cheeky as ever.  And troublesome.  And incredibly dirty.  

Just how I like him.

See you in a couple weeks, you drunken rum chugger.  


jules said...

Yippee! Did you see where he's going to play Nick in The Thin Man movie? Wonder who they'll get to play his Nora? I watched a Thin Man marathon one night, all night. Those movies were great!

Biddie said...

I can't wait! So many good movies are on the way, I want to see them all.