Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011 and I are cautiously proceeding with our new relationship.

I'll say this right now though: if 2011 screws with me like 2010 did, we are OVER.  I'll skip straight to 2012, I don't care how much begging 2011 does.  I ain't puttin' up with that kind of crap again.

I'm willing to look at the positives though.

2010 gave me a few brilliant exceptions amidst all the monumental stress.

My god-daughter became the mother of a gorgeous baby boy.

My kids had a great year in the school bands.

Our house sold quickly and above asking price.

I started off the year with no students and ended the year with five.

A cute little red Quarter Horse mare came to live with me.

Does that make up for a devastating fire, the physical and financial aftermath?  Or the loss of a family member, with the legal and emotional aftermath?  The worry about the health of loved ones?  The constant stress of wrangling with debts?

Do the positives make it easier to live in a house with four adults, two teenagers and one bathroom?

Got no answer for that.

2011 is well aware that we intend to get some serious accomplishing done.  We have projects to finish and yes, more moving to do.  Those life altering changes will continue.  We have goals to reach.  By this time twelve months from now I want my husband and I living under the same roof and he won't be staying in the city five days a week.  Those debts of ours aren't really so monumental, and they're shrinking.

Therefore I have advised 2011 to stay alert, cuz things are going to happen.

And the blogging will be happening as soon as I find my iGadget so I can hook it up to the computer and get internet.... so yeah.  It's hard to find a cell phone when it's either dead or the ringer's off.  Yeah yeah, I know, way to start off the new year all organized and stuff.  I'm still ME okay?????


Heidi Willis said...

I just love how your personality is all over your blog. :)

I believe 2011 is going to be a great year for you. And face it, 2010 tried. It really did. It gave you the house sale you wanted in 2009, the riders you've been asking for (and that training license!) forever, a full request for TROUBLE, and a pool. Can you ask for more than a pool??

Okay - the bad stuff happens. It always does. But this year I believe LESS bad stuff will happen - and at a less intense level (2010 was pretty intense!).

So bring in the year with cheer. Great things await! :)

Biddie said...

A baby...You are so right. That made 2010 worth it all.