Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is this what happens after Movember?

All these actor-type guys are sporting moustaches!  It's amusing me greatly.  

I found this humorous photo of Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg.  The first funny thing is that they're promoting a movie in which they play brothers, and they don't look alike at all.  Other than both being white guys, there is hardly any resemblance!  The other funny thing is that Wahlberg is all suit & tie dapper, while Bale is wearing jeans and sweats while sporting a mess of grown out hair and a face-bush.

Wahlberg looks like he's trying to make it work, puttin' on the big movie star grin, but it's futile, because Bale is smugly undermining the whole thing.  Heh heh heh.  Who's gonna mess with him?  He might go off on another rant.  Do not cross him.  Especially when he's all bearded up like that -- clearly he does not care what you think!!

Next, the ubiquitous James Franco, who is not only co-hosting the Oscars in the spring, but also getting ready to do another guest run on a soap opera, or as Mom calls it, My Story.  Apparently, he plays a psychotic artists. Wait, a murderous psychotic artist.  Aren't we all?

Not much of a stretch...

...when he's walking around wearing a moustache style I like to call The Nefarious Frenchman!

Russell Brand made a red carpet appearance too this week, to promote the new film version of Shakespeare's The Tempest.  I really honestly want to see this.  I know it'll have nothing to do with Katy Perry's husband wearing a silver velvet suit but still.  

I like this guy.  He's kinda cute in a totally skeevy way, he's funny as heck, presents himself like a rock star, and to top it all off he's British.  Yay!  Always has the nasty little facial hair going on too.  I guess in his case we'll call it The Nefarious Englishman.  No?  The Smarmy Englishman?  There ya go.

And what discussion of red carpets and moustaches would be complete without our boy Johnny?  

He just cracks me up.  Most other women are shrieking about how terrible he looks and how he should lose a few layers and not hide his natural beauty.  Well as much as I'm all for less layers and more natural Depp, I totally get this.  You can always use some denim.  Never know when you'll need an extra scarf, or maybe an extra rag in the pocket.  Seriously!  It's like he's living my life!  Dude just wants to be comfy and somewhat practical!  I know I've seen that hat before.  I can tell by the hole in the peak.  Love it. This guy's so loyal even his clothes are inseparable friends.  

And nobody rocks the Despicable Pirate Moustache and Pointy Chin Beard more than Johnny Depp.

Except maybe Jethro.

His Movember project has turned into a Chrome Handlebar.  Chrome as in silver.  We even get to leave the old Homestead today and show him off!


Heidi Willis said...

I do love your entertainment posts. Such fun eye candy... and the commentary always makes me laugh. :)

Heidi the Hick said...

Well, I just think facial hair is fun!