Monday, September 20, 2010

First we got our kid baptized, then we went to the smash-up derby!

And that's how we do things around here in Mennonite country.

(Annyong did a very sincere, short and sweet testimony, and I am amazed over and over at how honest, good, and smart she is.  One nice lady complimented me on bringing my daughter to Jesus but I replied that it really was my daughter's decision... after all that is one major component of the faith.)

(We even had a few special-guest-loved-ones join us for church!)

(Also there were several broken axles, a couple of minor fires under the hood, and a couple incidents of one car leapfrogging another.  I took a picture but my iGadget appears to be snubbing my MacBook so I can't get it here.  Sorrayyyy.)

(Nobody got hurt.  A lot of Caprice and Crown Vics got messed up pretty bad though.)


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Heidi Willis said...

I love that the entire post is done in parenthetical statements. :)

Yay for the beautiful daughter, and for faith, and for a great day.

(Praising God)