Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My horses got their hooves trimmed today and I paid for it WITH MY OWN MONEY!

That's right people, I earned that money all by myself!  I went out to the barn, gathered all my tools and props, put together a lesson plan.  I drove to the home of the students' grandma and taught two adorable sisters on their ponies.  The girls had a good time, we smiled a lot, and at the end I got handed some cash.  I wrote out a receipt and drove away feeling pretty darn good about myself.

After spending all of last summer and the past winter and spring worrying that nobody would ever call me for lessons... I've ended up with a nice handful of 10 year-old girls with ponies.


I love teaching riding.  I love going to a student's place and helping them with their own ponies.  I love putting a kid on gentle, lazy Phoenix and watching her confidence bloom.  I love horses.  I love having my own bank account and putting my earnings in there.  As much as I'm afraid to spend money, I even love withdrawing some to pay for things I need for the horses.

I picked up some soft brushes for my mare and some bright purple crossties.  Phoenix is wearing a really solid purple halter now.  It's the colour of royalty and he's my prince!  I bought a bag of horse feed the other day, and some farm-strength insect killer.

I made a goal to make enough money to pay for my horse's upkeep without getting any help from my husband or parents.  Like, I'm pushing forty.  I want to feel like a grown-up about it.  The next goal is to pay for my kids' school trips and like, new shoes and stuff.

Of course, yesterday I had the vet out to float the horses' teeth.  That's a whole other story.

I might be borrowing some money from Jethro for that, unless I suddenly get about 5 new students with their own horse, preferably all within a 5 minute drive of our place.  Y'know it could happen...


RuckusButt said...

Good for you! There is nothing more satisfying than making, saving and spending your own money. I also think it's vital for confidence and sense of self-worth. Word of mouth just might get you enough clients for that float!

Heidi the Hick said...

ha! Got another lesson Saturday with two girls!

You're right: confidence and self-worth go with it. It's been years. I loved opting out of the job world to raise my kids but it's just time, man.

I've been putting gas in my truck and in my mom's car, and buying groceries. It makes me feel like a million bucks!!

so when the vet bill comes in I'll calm myself because I know I'll have a way to pay it!

Heidi Willis said...

Woo Hoo!! That's awesome! What a great feeling!

So glad you are making money by doing what you love! :)

Lynn Sinclair said...

You worked hard to get this spot! I'm so happy you're doing something you love (and earning money for it is a real bonus!).