Monday, August 23, 2010


I'll not hear any of that nonsense about how it's almost over and it's not worth getting that rassafrackin' pool filled.  Summer has another month left and dammit I am gonna be in that damn pool before the snow flies if it's the last thing I do!  Got that?!  The third attempt will be successful!  It will!  So what if it took over 4 weeks to find the ONE LEVEL SPOT ON THIS WHOLE PROPERTY.  It's level now I'll have you know!  I've been in it, the water's up to my knees, and if the water pump in the cellar doesn't burn out, and if the breaker panel doesn't start smoking from the pump working overtime, so help me I'm filling that pool tomorrow, filter and chlorine and all, and I am going to spend THE NEXT THREE WEEKS IN THAT POOL.

Rural water pressure is lame.  And also turns things orange.

I dreamed last night that we drained it and set it up in the corral.  The horses took a dump in it, so we had to drain it again and clean it.

Make it stop.

On a happier note, skimming leaves and bugs and stuff is pleasantly hypnotic.  Good thing, eh?

I'm a bad swimmer, actually, but an awesome pool skimmer...


Anonymous said...

The kids must be outta their minds with anticipation!
Should I even ask about the retaining wall?? Does Jethro want to put yet another one up??
Maybe we will have an Indian summer and you get weeks and weeks of pool time...

Biddie x

Heidi Willis said...

Bwahahaha!! This post makes me nearly spurt coffee out my nose. Only you could make such frustration so funny! I love your spunk!

Yes - I don't care what month the calendar says it is, or when school starts... it stays hot here well into September and often into October, and if you can have a pool to cool off in, all the better!

Had to laugh at the water pressure/orange thing. We have that too. Oh the lovely wonders of well-water. Makes me feel like I'm living in a third world country sometimes.

On the other hand, I can go in my backyard in a swim suit and scream and the kids and no ones the wiser. So privacy beats water pressure and ugly water, I guess. :)

I want pics of this pool!

Paul Tee said...

I agree with Miss Willis 100%. Nice to have privacy of the rural. And yes, one can go outside in swimming suit or less, and enjoy the freedom of it. Though lately, I worry about the satellites spinning by overhead... I see too many movies.

There are drawbacks as well, such as orange water, a plugged up septic system, or frozen water line. I have redefined happiness as drains that work and water that flows, and not to mention electricity that isn't interrupted by regularly falling poplars...

In summer I have lot of friends, but in winter, with a foot and a half of snow on the ground and a long treacherous, icy access lane, I have no friends, and WANT none (having to dig them out because they can't make it up, up to the road and back to civilization).

Also, the tranquillity can be overwhelming at times, leaving one with a leaf falling from a tree as the most exciting event to share. One can easily go to seed out here with the rest of the vegetation...

Still, if you have a level piece of ground and a wading pool (even if you have to fill it with an eyedropper) it can be... and is heaven.