Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm tired of working like a man. I think I want a bubble bath and some chocolate.

You know, I spend a large amount of time lately covered in sweat and dirt.  Horse dirt, rust dirt, used motor oil dirt, and good old fashioned dirt dirt.  It's kinda gross but it's okay because for the most part it washes off.  Sore muscles don't wash off so easily.  But at least I can see that we're getting stuff done around here, and I love getting stuff done.  And I love a nice warm bath at the end of the day.

Know what else I love?  Getting clean.  I clean up pretty good actually.  For example, it was nice to go out on Monday night with a dear friend, eat a great meal and experience awesome entertainment.  I went out with my long-time-bestest friend last month to an author reading, which was a wonderful combination of Biddie, books, and wearing clothes that smelled good for a change.  And, a few weeks ago, a family friend, a guy I refer to as "my big bother" got married and I attended the wedding in a dress chosen and accessorized by my stylist/daughter.  I love weddings.  Drinks all round.  (Seriously!)

However, Jethro is building a giant brick fortress in my mother's backyard when he's not holed up in the recording studio.  Greeeeaaaat.  I will be shovelling gravel and crushed limestone out of the back of the truck all weekend.  But dude, at least when the Vikings or that pack of coyotes in the bush come to attack the farmhouse, they won't get past Jethro's brick wall.  It does so much more than just hold up the ground that our pool will sit on.

I'm not kidding, when that pool is full of water I am going to build a raft out of pool noodles and float for a few hours.  With my painted toenails sticking up in the air.  Maybe holding a little foofy drink with an umbrella stuck in it.  Wearing a John Deere hat so people can still recognize me.


Heidi Willis said...

I feel you.

Can I come sip on one of those fizzy, girlie drinks too? Life is getting ugly here.

Jolene said...

OKay, just found your blog, you're hysterical. My parents retired on a small, let me stress small, sailboat and we SAILED PAST JOHNNY DEPP'S house. He sadly wasn't there because I really wouldn't have minded seeing that...

Heidi the Hick said...

Jolene. I love your name. Oh girl, you must never tell me where his house is. Please don't. I can't know that. My head will explode!!!!!!

And Heidi (love your name too darling) (but you knew that) YES fizzy drinks all round!

Anonymous said...

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