Wednesday, June 23, 2010

He'll have to come up with a new Favourite Thing To Do

One of the great things about dogs - and there are so, so many - is the enthusiasm.  Dogs don't just like stuff.  They LOVE IT.  Walk?  YES! Scratch?  YES!  Snooze? YES!  Car ride? YES!  Dinner?  YES!  Barf?  Poop?  Roll in stinky stuff?  YES, YES YES!

The Pug gets really excited whenever he hears the word TRUCK.  Especially when it sounds like, "Dobby...?  You wanna go in the... TRUCK?!?"

I like to bring him with me to the bus stop when I can.  Since the weather's been nice now, I roll down the windows and let him sniff that wonderful country air, with all the different flavours of smells.

I put this rag rug on the seat in an attempt to keep the pug hair from getting stuck in the upholstery.  It helps minimally. At least he's smart enough to wait for me to put the Pug Rug in before he jumps up into the cab.

He's very happy here.  Very happy.  Riding in the Jetta isn't quite as much fun, because he has to ride in the back seat.  He'd prefer to be right up front, in the girlfriend seat (the middle) where he can stick his nose in the air vent and then rest his chin on my leg.  (He loves me.)

A couple of weeks ago, the farm across the road from the bus stop put their young heifers in the pasture. 

So the Pug was just hangin' and enjoying the nice breeze...

...when suddenly his ears perked up.  

Check him out in the mirror.  Those strange black and white critters needed to be barked at!!

He barked alright.  He barked until the cows shuffled into the bovine version of a dead run.  He sure showed them, he did.  That'll learn 'em to respect the power of the Pug.

As you can see, it's a good thing I bring him with me sometimes.  I mean, Jethro can't always be around to protect me from... well, them.  With their spots and udders and all.

His days of waiting in the truck for the school bus might be short lived.  Not only does school end in a few days, but this whole bus stop routine might not be happening at all next year.  If I'm lucky I'll get the kids on a bus route that stops right in front of our place.  I mean, that would make my life so much easier.  

I'll have to bring him with me to other places.  I know he's welcome at the TSC.  But then there's always his favourite place to go in the TRUCK.  





Paul Tee said...

Bring over the pug, I have lots of good things for him to roll in.

I'm still not entirely convinced that the pug is a genuine species of a dog, more like a ground hog on steroids, but I have to admit he makes a great dashboard ornament and he is very enthusiastic.

My boxer takes up an entire backseat and exhales a great volumes of warm air right onto my neck in the hottest of weather. And of course he slobbers copiously. Sometimes I wish we got him as a toy-sized Asian version of his breed.

Heidi the Hick said...

Were pretty sure he's got some rabbit and raccoon in him. Possibly some frog. The eyes and long tongue. And of course he's at least half pig !!

But you know he thinks he's a boxer.

And he'd love to visit again!