Monday, March 22, 2010

"Pay Up Sucker" is right. I am so sick of this crap.

You know what really bugs me?

They're always sooooo sorry.  AFTER they get caught.

Everything looks fine, until the scandal breaks, then it's all carefully and vaguely worded apologies stinking of Public Relations experts and crash courses in Media Training.

Not really admitting to anything, but not exactly denying anything either, these public apologies seem designed to soothe broken hearts and smooth over flared tempers.  I think it's just embarrassing.

I don't understand it.  Do they really think they'll get away with it?  It's one thing for the average factory-employed T-shirt wearing dude, or the guy who puts on a suit and works in an office, but any man with any level of fame has so little chance of getting away with it.  

Newsflash:  Secrets get found out.  

I'm generally one of those irritating people who likes to believe the best in others.  It's getting more and more difficult.  

I want folks to be happy. I know what it's like to be in love and I like seeing that in others.  You know?  Warms my heart and all that?

I am perplexed. Why would a guy get bored with a woman like this?

She's beautiful, talented, and has loads of personality.  She's successful.  She hasn't done awful things to her face and body in pretending to be younger.  She's sexy and wholesome at the same time.  She's fun.  She's cool.  She can work an evening gown but you just know she's happy in boots and jeans.  She's relatable, and that's why all of us women out in the real world are pretty upset about this.

Here's what really burns my ass:  The whispers and murmurs that she is the problem. That she is too successful, and that his fragile little man-ego couldn't take it.  He had to be flattered, had to be the most important.  

So let me get this straight... she's got it all together, and for that reason he's got to find someone else?  It's her fault for being good looking, good at what she does, likable, and handling her career smartly?  I cannot tell you how much this idea infuriates me.

I don't even know this woman and I feel like defending her.  I do know a few awesome women who've had their hearts broken by cheaters.    

It's a power trip.  I do believe that's what affairs are about.  These guys think they're invincible and not accountable to anybody.

Maybe some people just shouldn't sign a contract for a lifetime commitment.  There'd be nothing wrong with that.  Just be honest.

Maybe some people have a danger addiction.  Well that's fine.  Take up bronc riding.  I'm sure in the long run that'd be safer and healthier than going out skank-surfing.

I'll be honest, I was ready to blame "Trophy Girl".  I figured she's just another attention hound doing what any smart attention hound would do: wait for the opportune moment and then strike.  Get all the pictures of the loving husband glowing at his award winning wife, then make the sordid claim, and BOOM instant fame.  Plus a big chunk of cash.  I found myself wanting to believe that she was a liar.

I wasn't defending him.  It's not like I figured it was out of character.  I just couldn't stand looking at those loving pictures.  She adores him.  I didn't want her heart broken.  I keep thinking of my friends who've been put in this awful position.  It's always someone trashier and less quality.  Always.  I don't know why.  It just is.

Then I realize I am blaming the wrong person too, just like anybody who suggests that a man can't handle the irritation of a successful and wealthy wife.  

Maybe Trophy Girl is a hard working woman who handles her own life on her own terms.  Maybe she's a good mother, or a great housekeeper.  Maybe she's not lying and he really did tell her his marriage was over.  In which case, she's a fool, cuz from what I've heard the marriage is never over, girls, and you're not gonna last.  

Also, I have nothing against tattoos, but hers are not pretty.  It's like she went out with the intention of getting tattoos and just picked them off the wall with no significance.  Also I do not approve of her eyebrows.  But that's neither here nor there.  

The stupidity.  It irritates me.

But hey, this will all blow over eventually and be added to the ever-growing list of dirty dogs who cheated on their wives and ruined their families.

Just remember: You reap what you sow.

And I'm done venting now.  I'm gonna go wash my hands and get some brain bleach.


jules said...

Here! Here! I agree TOTALLY with what you say. And she just got done defending HIM in a custody battle. What gives?

Heidi Willis said...

Amen!! A very nicely and passionately worded rant!! I don't get it either.

I hear that these celebrities have some delusion that they are better than others, that they are untouchable.

To me, they're just targets.

How they can't see that is beyond me.

Not that that matters. No matter who you are, it's just wrong.

Paul Tee said...

What the hell? What gives?

Did you really expect something else? Hollywood is the Sodom and Gomorrah of today. The great whore of Babylon. Why be surprised? Don't be dazzled by the red carpet.

They live by different rules there. Sex is not only a commodity, it is also a currency. Lives glitzed up to hide the sordid realities. Everything is a make-belief, on or off the screen.

The participants are exploited, sold and resold, trapped in the fame game.

I'm happily married--reasonably so. But that's because I live here.
Were I to move to Hollywood--I don't know if I could withstand
the temptation of easy sex (that is, if I were somebody).

If you want to keep your integrity, stay away from Hollywood! Run! Don't look back and risk turning into a pillar of salt.

And that's my rant.

But it is fun to lash out and let them have it with both barrels.

millhousethecat said...

Here's the thing --- even is she is a bitch, a horrible, no good, terrible wife, HE STILL SHOULDN'T CHEAT ON HER.

(By the way, I ADORE her, so don't take the above the wrong way.)

Our society does condone divorce, so if you're so dang unhappy and you can't work it out, BE HONEST. HAVE RESPECT.

Remember that once, for some amount of time, you loved her MORE than anyone else in the world.

And end the relationship in that light.


I hope she bounces back and finds happiness.