Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I went out to see my horses this morning and greeted them with, "Hey, Eaters!"

They looked at me like, "Yeah what's yer point.  Gimme the hay."

After a weekend of cold and misery and extreme wind, we're back to sunshine. It was icky out there earlier this week, when I took these pictures with my iGadget.  I'm checking that clay corral several times a day to see how it's drying up.  I can tell where the horses went for a roll.  They loooove rolling!

The biggest problem is that ol' Phoenix there believes he has to give the Little Lady permission to do anything, and here he hadn't given her permission to roll. Sadly, she tends to think she needs his permission.

But she'll consider it.  She wants to get down and roll.  The second he gives her the go-ahead she's gonna do it.

Now?  He's not looking... maybe now, maybe when he's not looking...



And when Phoenix says it's time to run BOOM up she goes and it's time to run.

Oh sure Phoenix, you're such a magnificent dude.  Just look at ya.  whoo hoo.

But heh heh heh, he can't be looking at every second.  Any chance she gets she's going for another roll.

That's better, eh?  Nothing like a horse with a predominantly white coat rolling in the sticky clay/manure/ shavings/ rotten hay mixture.  

It'll be really nice when the corral dries up.  That's all I'm going to say about that.


lopinon4 said...

Yep, I'm up past my ankles in a lovely mixture of poop, mud, clay, and old hay, too. Thankfully, my horse doesn't roll outside! He only likes the indoor arena to roll in; Mr. Finicky. :)

Love the photos of the kids...they look great!

pseudosu said...

Thanks for my second snorty laugh on the day! (It's been a pretty good day so far)
So funny. I love your captions. If I was a white horse I'd roll too, knowing as soon as it's warm enough those durn flies will be after me big time!

Sydney said...

lol you should see ours. I thought the 2 year old was never going to come clean today when I went to put the harness on her.

annyong said...

she's so adorable! :D

Paul Tee said...

My horse likes to run up to me just after a good roll in the muck and rub up against me to clear off the sides. Then swishes her tail right across my face and I swear she is laughing at me...


I don't have a horses. That's right. I have a dog. My DOG likes to rub his muzzle right into me, and I darn well know where he has been just a minute before, sniffing at object entities no self-respecting dog ought to be caught near. And he loves to roll in anything suspicious. Then expects to be allowed up on the bed. Like Hell he is.