Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Timing!

The sun is shining, the mud is drying, and the horses are relatively clean.  You know what that means!


It's not just because I want to ride but because I have to.  Phoenix my Prince still has a few little lessons to learn before he's working for a living.  He's doing great - collecting nicely and responding well to my cues. I'm still working on those lope transitions.  I know he can do it.  I know I can do it.  We just gotta get together on this project.

Have I mentioned how much I hate this time of year?  Hate it.  Even though the sun is getting up around the same time I have to, I do NOT want to get out of bed.  Once everybody's been walked and fed and taken to the bus stop, I wanna get right back into bed.  Blaaaggghhhh.

Getting out to the barn is still a drag, even though I no longer have to get into my truck to get to the barn.  Yes, that does definitely make it a lot easier!!  But my ambition is looow.

At least once I'm out there I could just stay there all day.

But here's the problem: I WANT TO WRITE!

Why, why, why couldn't I have gotten the urge to write in the dead of winter?  Why????

I have so many things to do now that the snow's gone, and I want to curl up on my bed with the MacWhite perched on my knees so I can do this writing project!

But I really want to have my horse time too.

Hey- wait a second...


... especially since some of this writing project has something to do with my furry friends out there...


Heidi Willis said...

A very, very good problem indeed.

I think the more things you WANT to do, the less you notice how cold and cruddy and muddy it is outside as everything thaws.

next thing you know, it'll be pretty summer. :)

Paul Tee said...

I often find myself on the wrong side of wishing.

For instance, in winter I can hardly wait for summer, and in the heat of July and August I wish the winter back.

So I know how you are feeling: somewhat out of synch.

dilling said...

i had piper's lagoon walk time! and our timing was perfect. chocolate lilies in bloom. they alway perk me up. i am hating this season, too, although i have pretty much hated the seasons since september....so that doesn't really say much!