Monday, January 25, 2010


Yeah I'm still here.

Working on the barn - pictures soon.  Maybe.

Not writing.  Want to, would like to, but any spare hour is often spent sitting on a couch watching something on TV that does not stimulate my brain in any way - and I like it.

My mom's taking a few weeks off work.  Did you know you have a little internal filtering organ called a gallbladder?  Well she doesn't anymore.  And soon she'll be much happier about it.  Until then, I take over all grocery shopping duties as well as all dish washing, cooking, and bathroom cleaning.  I continue with my laundry jobs.  She continues to instruct the universe from a position of relaxation, and continues to be amazing.

My dog is now full time foot warmer for Grandma.

I'm glad I'm here for her.

My ol' Man is 67 years old and might be close to admitting that he ain't 45 anymore.  Nobody believes him though. Will keep you posted.

Tribble wrote her Grade 10 english exam today.  Good thing she can read.  She doesn't have to go to school again until Friday, when she performs her Dance exam.  I fully intend to work her like a rented mule, hahahaha!  Good thing she likes the barn.

Bucky has to be at school at 7 am tomorrow for a field trip.  I will be getting up around 5:30 am, leaving the house with him at 6:30, returning home at 7, kicking the horses out of the barn with a half bale of hay, taking the Pug for a quick run in the melting snow, then going back to bed.  (Where Tribble will most likely be, taking up as much room as a 102 lb person can.)

Jethro got the floors in that house of ours sanded.  Looks gorgeous.  I think we should do that again soon in a house we intend to live in for many years.

There's a big grey and white tomcat hanging around the barn.  Larry and Moe kind of avoid him.  I figure if he's gonna hang around and eat our generic feed mill cat-kibble, he better tame up.  I can get almost 2 feet away from him, but he still looks at me like I'm a cat eating monster.  Maybe I should stop picking up Larry and telling him he's deliciously cute.

Lucy In The Sky With Ladybugs is still insane, stalks shadows, pounces on my feet in bed, thinks she's weightless and eats like a dog.  I suspect she might be a shapeshifter but she's so damn fast I can't catch her at it.  Hmmm.

Phoenix and the Little Lady both in need of hoof trimming.  I have neglected them.  I feel awful every time I look at their hooves, especially his.  I shouldn't even be posting this on the internet.  His hooves are all long and cracking and I must be a bad horse owner.  I had to choose between parasite control and hoof trimming.  Then I had to buy feed.  Then shavings to bed their stalls.  Then... my own children needed new pants.

I hate being broke.

I am working on getting work.

People I know are dealing with problems worse than mine.

That doesn't make me feel better.

I have a dream of wearing really expensive high quality overalls out to the barn.

I like having a radio out there.

I'll need a new corn broom soon.  This one's wearing down from sweeping all those miserable cobwebs. Will it ever end?

I miss Jethro.

My imaginary people talk to me while I'm working.  I hope they don't stop.  I'm listening.

I am behind on EVERYTHING.

I just remembered that my coveralls are still in the washing machine and I think I'd like them to be dry before I put them on to go back out to the barn.

I still have a huge amount of re-arranging to do before the last of our belongings will fit into this house.  I have nightmares about brown webs and cardboard boxes and garbage bags.

So, yeah, I'm just gonna mosey on down to the cellar and do some laundry.

I hope it doesn't take me a week.  Stay tuned.


JKB said...


To all of it.


Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah, just for different reasons eh?

Hug. Right back atcha babe!

Heidi Willis said...

Sometimes, you just break my heart. Your soul is so beautiful. Life will turn your way soon.


Heidi the Hick said...

Life can be so good and so bad at the same time, and I can be so content and yet so frazzled and overwhelmed.



Wow, I don't know, but I thank you, so much.

And for the hugs too

Paul Tee said...

We dropped off some books next door to your old house. The place looked forlorne, no cars in the driveway, just the front outside lights on, no footprints in the snow going to your door.

Wondered about the floor. Glad to hear it's done.

Since everybody mentioned hugs, I have to as well. So hug your kids, hug your husband (I don't think the pug will stand still for a hug, but you can try...)

Biddie said...

I am so happy that you are there for your mom right now. When you mentioned that yer dad was 67, it really made me think...I won't ask, but that makes yer mom close to the same age, and I still see her as so young. (Not that she's old, but ya know).
I hate being broke, too. Like I REALLY hate being broke..I wish that I had enough money to make all of my loved ones comfortable.
You and I would be cruising around in your truck, going to book readings and checking out new horse trailers..Maybe someday.
Can I tell you again that I am selfishly glad that you are closer to me?
Hugs :)

marsh to the fore said...

I'm with Heidi. Now I know why you get to me so much.

You are rich, Heidi--rich in friends and there's no better way to be rich. Look at those comments by Paul and Biddie. Beautiful. They truly love you as do a lot of us who are close to you even if we've never actually shaken your hand or hugged you for real.

Someday it's got to happen. That beach house in Maine, isn't it? Our house in Tahoe is always there but of course it's farther away than Maine.

Angela said...

Oh Heidi! I finally graduated and can start blogging again! I found this link and I thought you'd get a kick out of it too!


Heidi the Hick said...

You guys all rock!!!