Thursday, December 10, 2009

It is not Beige. It is "Fawn Pug."

I have made my peace with the new colour on the walls of our house.  You know, that colour meant to "wow" "lure" and "entice" potential buyers of this house.  I was really disappointed about beige, but I'm getting over it.

Here's the reason:

He's such a good boy I can work without worrying that he'll create a trail of little beige footprints all over the house.

Plus he looks quite nice against the backdrop of the new "Natural Linen" walls.

We were so proud of him for not getting paint all over him.

Except for that little speck on his right ear.

And a little bit on a whisker.

Then Bucky noticed the fur on his shoulder was kinda crusty.

Yep.  Natural Linen.

It matches the Pug perfectly.

Now I feel much better about everything, even if it means putting so much work into a house that isn't really ours anymore.

The whole point of this little adventure is to get ourselves into the country, and this house will get us there.  It's easy to be bitter that someone else gets to enjoy the prettied up house, but I need to remember why we're doing this.

Room for the Pug to run!


Biddie said...

One step closer everyday.
How long had it been since we have seen The Pug? Gosh, he's so cute, I had almost forgotten..
The house looks great :)

Heidi Willis said...

Fawn pug! I love it!

You're not prettying this up for someone else - you're doing it for you, because by all this painting and such you are moving the price up, which will get you closer to your dream farm. :)

Heidi the Hick said...

Biddie, I know how long it's been - TOO LONG! Sometimes I forget how cute he is too. Then he looks at me sideways with those wacked out eyes of his and I remember again. I feel a dog party coming up soon...

Heidi - riiiight. Actually I'm running that through my head constantly these days.

Yes, one step closer every day, closer to our goal!

Sydney said...

Ahaha Savanah would totally have shoved her shnoz into the paint.

JKB said...

You can do this!

And lucky that little pug man is happy to sleep! :-))

CindyDianne said...

I think the fawn pug walls are gorgeous. Y'all are marvelous painters. Let me know if you want to come down and paint for me. Someday. You know, when I have a house AND a rolling mansion.

Four Dinners said...

Love the Pug!

You sure you didn't use him for a paint brush?...;-)