Thursday, December 24, 2009

The world has been shaken by a baby, not a bomb

I'm going to let that statement rest as it is.  Just let it sink in.

I am taking time off for Christmas, because I really need to.  Next time we meet here, I'll be a whole year older!

I had a hard time getting used to being 38.  It felt like somebody else's age for the next 6 months.  Now, I can't help but dwell on being 39, that mythical year before turning the big 4-0.  I feel like I've got a year, one year, to get it together and fix it all up.  That's crazy.  There is no deadline.

Except that I fully intend to have some kind of book in my hands with my name on the cover when I am 39 years old.  I'm not sure yet how I'll make that happen... BUT I WILL.

So on that happy note, I'm off to enjoy Christmas with the family.  Here is a list of what I'll be doing to make this a good one:

-go get some churchin'

-go out to the barn, and when necessary chores are done, brush my horses and talk to them and listen to all the comforting barn noises

-help my Mom cook

-watch A Christmas Story, likely reciting lines with it.  Everybody?  YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!

-watch Elf, and How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and Charlie Brown Christmas (I'm guessing all this watching will be spread out over a few days, or else our critters will all die of neglect.)

-wrap gifts mere hours before seeing them torn open

-run the Pug through some wet snow

-let Lucy In The Sky With Dust Bunnies shred some paper

-egg nog

-my sister's baking

-my grandma's crocheted blankets over us

-beg Mom and Sweetie to please not play any more Christmas CDs

-hug Jethro while he snores on the couch because he's exhausted

-giggle at my younguns

-do some visiting

-read.  A lot.  Happily.

-sing a few Silent Nights and Joy To The Worlds even if the kids beg me not to

I'll see you in a week or so, at which point I'll try to put weird old 2009 into perspective.  One of those Best of Times, Worst of Times kind of things.  It felt like this year got divided neatly into halves.

But now I must get this show on the road.

I hope you all have a relaxed, fun, and wonderful Christmas.  Wherever you are, and whoever you are with.



Paul Tee said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your famuly and pets.

I don't know if I can survive till the next fix of the Hick.

millhousethecat said...

I hope you had a joyous Christmas and that everyone doted on your for your birthday.

Oh, and I did the big 4-1 this year and survived happily. Don't fret over 4-0. You'll be fine!

lopinon4 said...

A whole week off??? Come on now...that's not a nice Christmas gift for your cyber-fam. **sigh** I guess we'll survive.

I hear ya' on the turning 40 thing. 38 has been a tough year for me, too, and I almost think I'll embrace 39 with intensity...I just want to be 40 already and get it over with! These mixed up emotions of dread and feeling rushed, and all the other crap...it's for the birds. Except that I like birds.

See ya' next year, my fave Hick!
Merry Belated Christmas!

pseudosu said...

Don't sweat the big four-oh hon, and try to enjoy the three-nine. I know that feeling, like you're supposed to be all squared away by now, but trust me, you're going to like the forties.

It wasn't instant, but I lost that desperate searching feeling I had all through my mid to late thirties. Back then, I felt like I was supposed to have everything figured out, and didn't-- so it was like a major project.

Now I'm forty-five and somehow it's all less urgent. I'm more okay with me and all my weirdness than I've ever been, and give me and everyone else a lot more breaks.

You'll be okay. :)

Four Dinners said...

I have been advised by the wifey that I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas Day.

I wholeheartedly agree as far as the morning goes...

I'll have to take her word for it for the afternoon and evening...;-)

I do remember eating an inordinate amount of parsnips.


Hope yours went well babe.

Bomb? Well Delta almost copped one.

What a world eh?

Four Dinners said...



Wait while 52. Things start to drop off......;-)

Kelly said...

I saw 40...er..a brief while ago...and I lived. Wait til 50 starts looming! Happy hols! (Did I miss the party? I forget when it is.)

jules said...

Merry Christmas, Happy and Safe New Years and mostly HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Heidi Willis said...

Trust me, it turns out 39 feels no different than 38 (and 40 no different than 39). And NO ONE puts any limit on when you can first publish. Some very famous authors didn't start until they were well into senior citizen ages. You've got plenty of time!!

Your Christmas plans sound awesome! I hope the week is going just that well!