Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lookin' for a place to happen, makin' stops along the way...

okay, now which one of you genius readers can guess that lyric???  Prize is the same - my pure admiration - cuz that's all I got to give!  I've just decided this is going to be a November thing.  Stay tuned...

Walking the dog has become a whole new adventure. It used to mean harnessing him up and going for a nice mannerly walk around the block, or various combinations of loopy subdivision blocks, on the sidewalk.  I always had a bag in my pocket to carry the poop home in, because that's how you do it.

Now, going for a walk means running in circles, sniffing, barking, running, crapping in the long grass, and more sniffing.

I wonder if he misses finding all those messages from other dogs in the neighbourhood.  I imagined him sniffing and his little puggy brain going, "That's Rocky.  Before that Monty was here."

What does he smell now?  Does he detect Moe the barn cat on his most recent hunting trip?  Does he find all those sneaky nocturnal critters we never see?

I've been keeping busy lately getting the old scrapyard cleaned up before winter.  When I was a kid, and my Dad supplemented the farm income by painting cars, we had quite a few parts cars and wreckers in the bottom of the yard.  Now I go for dog walks and come back with handfuls of radio knobs, hoses, door handles.  I got the eagle eye for this stuff; I can spot weatherstripping hiding in the short grass from several feet away.  I used to want to be an archaeologist.  I imagined myself digging treasures out of the Egyptian sand.  Now I dig junk out of the Ontario clay.  It's still fun.

Everything is interesting to this dog of mine.  Everything.  I don't know what he sees or smells, but he sure gets excited about those treks around the yard.  It's like a two acre dog playground.

The yard looks better every day, the dog is slim and trim, and winter's coming.  In his first three years, winter at the farm has meant leashed walks around the lane way and quick dashes to the lilac bush for nature calls.  This year will be different.  The little house dog has figured out where the property line is, where his territory ends, and what happens if he steps over the line.

I worried how the town dog would transition to becoming a farm dog, but I'm not worried anymore.  I mean, I still have to keep an eye on him.  There's a lot of traffic around here and he's small.  I don't want him to get hit.  Plus, just because he knows he's not allowed in the horse pasture doesn't mean he'll never sneak in there.  Those smells are just so tempting.  But he's doing great.  I'm expecting this winter that we'll pack down a few trails through the huge snowdrifts and possibly have a little bit of fun with it.

Of course, there's always the possibility of finding messages from sneaky critters who don't want to be seen... I'm sure the little dog'll find things to take care of.


lopinon4 said...

Tragically Hip, just like me. :) Wayward Ho, Away We Go! LOL!

Four Dinners said...

The hound will love it in the countryside.

No idea on the lyrics. Not punk or ska that's for sure...;-)

Maybe someone like Creedance Clearwater Revival or some'at like that?

lopinon4 said...

You know, I often wish I could give my dog the gift of freedom in the countryside. She is such an awesome bunny/squirrel/bird chaser, and nothing thrills her more. Maybe someday...

marsh to the fore said...

I have to think boy dogs are all the same. Plato sniffs interminably. He's 11 years old and the other night he got loose and wandered around doing his sniffy thing for a good hour and a half.

Love the snippit of lyric you gave us here but can't help. Love to know what it is, though.

mugwump said...

I've had to transition mine from country to town dogs. They're doing well, other than having to learn the neighbors wild rabbits (which they feed) are not vermin to be eradicated. Ahem.

Kimber said...

Isn't it satisfying to see a doggie running amok in the fields? My big girl made a seamless transition to country life. The only thing I don't approve of is her newly cultivated taste for deer scat. BLEAH!

Heidi the Hick said...

Ding ding ding! The prize goes to Lopin on 4, first try! And to top it off... my American Friends are listening to the Tragically Hip. I'm impressed! You know they're a Canadian national treasure eh?

So, questions: Would all dogs do well in the wide open spaces? Or do some really prefer the small yard territory and civilized walks?

also, are dogs basically happy wherever their people are??

Kim - What is going on with that? Why, why why, do dogs like to eat poop???? And they all do if they get a chance! BLEAH is right!!

Heidi the Hick said...

That lyric snippet is also the song's title. Plus that song contains this brilliant opening:

"I've got a job, I explore, I follow every little whiff
I want my life to smell like this"

Which makes me think it's about dogs.

Except for this part:

"Jacques Cartier! right this way
Put your coat up on the bed,
Hey man you got a real bum's eye for clothes"

which is just nutty. Although I totally get the coat on the bed, cuz that's what you do when you have a lot of people over. Put the coats on Mom and Dad's bed. I don't know exactly what a Real Bum's Eye for Clothes would be and wonder if I too have it.

Darnit. I think I just wasted a perfectly awesome potential lyric title in the comments!

The Tragically Hip have the best lyrics. Gord Downie is the mad scientist of poets!!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Sounds like you're settling in, Heidi. Coming back here anytime soon?

Biddie said...

Ah, dogs eating poopies! WHY? My dogs do it too, although not as often as they did when they were younger. They love the new backyard, but I can't trust them the way that you can trust The Pug. They would be GONE the 1st chance that they got.
Not a Hip fan, so I didn't even come close to guessing :(