Friday, July 31, 2009

There's just so much to admire about the menfolk.

I think men are awesome.

I could look at them all day.

Fascinating creatures.
I could listen to them all day.

Men are just so much fun!

They like to have fun. They never outgrow their toys. They like to drive expensive cars and junky cars, they like to talk about machines, and they like to modify them. Most men are big kids. I love that.

Despite never really growing up, men improve with age.

You know how in the animal world, the males of most species are the most flashy and visually interesting? It's to attract the females. Makes sense.

Yep I sure do admire the menfolk. I like the looks of 'em and the sound of 'em, their strength and honesty and energy.

Men are so huggable and warm and funny and amazing.

(And that's all good cuz it really makes up for all the farting.)

(Come on, they ALL do. You know it.)


Sydney said...

lmfao I am like the president of the man hater club right now but theres always a few I will admire.

Heidi Willis said...

This is hilarious!!! Thank you for this! I love the sentiments, and the photos, and the laugh at the end!

You do have a way with words, there. Have you considered being a writer? :)

Biddie said...

I have been watching 21 Jump Street all week. Young Johnny was very cute, but I still prefer the other guy :)
I love that pic of you two :)

JKB said...

Exactly my thoughts. :-))

Paul Tee said...

I know it has been a weird summer, but jackets in August? And bare branches? Canada must be in another climate zone that you have to constantly hug esch other to comserve body heat. What the hell do you do in winter?