Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jethro knows how to make his woman happy


Isn't it adorable? It's the cutest little tiny barn ever! It's like a perfect little one stall horse barn, and there'd even be room for a very small load of hay up top. Not that I could keep a horse here. A miniature horse, maybe. Oh, I know- a goat! This is where my little weedeating goat can live!

This is all that's left of the old stupid tin shed. The rest of it is in my truck. Sure, this shed did its job, barely, and kept the rain off our stuff, mostly.
I should have known this shed was a bad idea as soon as we uncrated it. Like, you have just seen photographic evidence of what Jethro can build, without instructions, without blueprints, without any pre-cut pieces. This thing had him cussing and sweating just to get all the pieces together. He continued to grumble about the ineptitude of the designers of the Stupid Tin Shed the entire two days that it took to put it together.

But now- oh but now! - we have this good sturdy Little Barn which has actual wooden studs, good for hanging things off of! Oh yes, you can stick a screw in the wall to hang up your shovel without the entire thing falling down on your head.

We got this window for FREE from the Little Valley. It was the bathroom window from the old Creepy Shack. It works and everything.
I'm going to leave it when we paint the barn. I like that weathered look. And yes, we'll be painting the barn red, of course.

Look at all this storage room. The shed is ridiculously high... we'd planned on putting in an upstairs, but decided to spend the lumber money on groceries instead. I know, priorities, eh?

One of our neighbour friends used to drive a school bus. She gave Bucky the stop sign a few years ago and it's been all over our back yard since. It really came in handy when our backyard was a bike obstacle course!
I'll be scrounging for a couple more free windows for up top here. And yeah, it's really not done yet; we need to put shingles on the roof and put the door on.

It really was fun demolishing the old dented beat up stupid shed. Honestly I hated it. I banged my head on the doorway three times while moving stuff into the new shed- and people, I'm just not very tall. Bad design.

We all took a swing at it with a big claw hammer. I'm serious - our kids, our neighbours, our neighbours' kids... then Jethro grabbed a tin panel and yanked it free with his bare hands. I swooned. All that smashing and ripping was so loud I thought for sure this'll be the thing that finally gets us run outta town. The fire pit (smoke signals) and the weed jungle a few years back, the dump truck taking up the whole front yard when we had to dig up our basement, horse trailer in the driveway, heck, the rusty hatchback that spent a year in the driveway... none of that got us shunned! We just have really cool neighbours, man, either that or this subdivision is just a little tiny bit more hick than I would have suspected.

They'd have to think a goat would look cute in my Little Barn, right?


Heidi Willis said...

That has to be the coolest little barn-shed ever!!

You have the most talented husband!

It's just beautiful!

Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah, he's talented. All that and makes good sounding records too eh? I might go and sit on a lawn chair in the little barn and read for awhile before the light fades this evening.

millhousethecat said...

I vote for the goat! For sure!

(Then post a bunch of photos of it eating the lawn!)

Biddie said...

VERY cute! I love that the window was free! Free is my favourite thing EVER!
I love how it's all organized, too.
I think a llama would be better, tho :)

Heidi the Hick said...

I sat there on a lawn chair in my little barn last night, with my citronella candles, admiring the rakes and shovels hung on the wall. What can I say- I'm easily amused!

Biddie said...

That's why I love you.

Lynn Sinclair said...

He did a great job!

A Paperback Writer said...

Wow. That is really cute. What fun!