Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

Lucy, the half-wild house cat, at Grandma's farm, lurking in the ancient window.


Biddie said...

Does your mom like Lucy? How does she feel about a cat prowling the house again?
I bet that she likes it, even if she never admits it :)
She is very pretty. I could never go to the SPCA and pick out just ONE animal. No wonder you had such a hard time...How is she getting on with the travelling? Does she mind it?

Heidi the Hick said...

Bid, she meows and howls and scratches the inside of her cage the entire drive. Unpleasant.

However, my mom is totally charmed by this little kitty! It's nice having a cat in the house. Mom's softening with age... now she looks around in the morning for things the cat hid during the night.

I would love to have another cat. I'm just one cat away from being a crazy cat lady.

Biddie said...

Only one cat away? But, I have 2 cats...

JKB said...

AW She looks like she's right at home, though...how'd kitteh settle with the pug?

She'll settle down in her carrier, Heidi, you know she's just afraid she's being given away again. Bluesey is the same way.

Heidi the Hick said...

That's what I thought, Jen. In her short life she's been trucked around a lot. I'm not too worried though because she really settled in well at my Mom's place. Once she's out of the carrier she's happy.

And she and the Pug are good buddies. They play chase, They share the pet bed, and she comes up to him for a good ear licking.

This morning I even got a few minutes of cuddling and purring- without her walking away and coming back eight times!

Tribble said...

yeah the last time we came back from the farm she pooped in her cage on the way home. (i actually wasn't conscious when it happened...but i smelled it!)