Friday, June 05, 2009

A typical Friday here on Hick Chic...

Y'know, I just love dogs.  They're so honest and unconditional.  You treat them well, they'll give more than they get.  I like people who like dogs. Dog people are good people.

I like dogs who like other dogs too.   My Pug looooves other dogs, even if those other dogs are not always so sure of him.  Take Seven here for example.  He's just a year old, and spent the first few months of his life in a high rise apartment.  (Can you all say "duh" with me?  Border Collie?  Apartment?  Just NO.)  Since arriving in the Little Valley he's learned all about forest and pasture and toddlers and horses.  And a couple times a week, a Pug.

Awww look at the good boys!  They stopped dive bombing each other long enough to take the picture.  
I couldn't get any pictures of them running around and playing because they moved too darn fast!  All I ended up with was pictures of the grass.  I have to take a video some day, because few things are as awesome as a Pug and a Border Collie playing!  One is slinky and blindingly fast, the other runs in tight circles so quick your head spins!

"Dude.  C'mon.  Let's go."

"Okay well then you sniff while I roll in the grass."

"Seven... dude man... just gotta.... chill for a minute..."

This Friday blog post has been brought to you by the National Association of People who Shamelessly Use Blogs to Show Off Pictures Thought to be Pleasing to the Eye. Have a Nice Weekend.  


lopinon4 said...

I hope this means that you're feeling better!! :)
What a cute pair. I think dogs are a perfect representative of how well all of us humans could get along if we would dig deeper to discover what we have in common. For that matter, all species of animal have us beat on that one.
Thank you for sharing, and LOVE the photos!!!
How's the riding coming?

Biddie said...

I love dogs more that I do most people.
I love the new friend. He is waaay cute :)

coffeypot said...

I love dogs, too. I even dated a few back in the day.

coffeypot said...

Or was that their opinion of me? I get confused when I think about those times.

dilling said...


Heidi the Hick said...

Dogs are awesome. I will never be dogless again. I say this as the Pug snores on a chair across the room from me. Soon I'll get him to sleep on my feet and keep them warm. He's so talented!

And isn't the Border Collie adorable?!? I really like him. He knows it too: he just about turns himself inside out waiting for me to park the truck so I can pet him!

(How's the riding?? Umm.... I really haven't ridden much since passing my test!! I've been practicing teaching instead. Plus I needed a bit of a break. It is so good just to pet those velvety muzzles. I'll ride again soon, for longer than ten minutes. Just have to pass one more test.)

JKB said...

Your pug is so freakin' cute!

Kerri said...

It's not possible to be that perfect, is it? Smart, sexy and an animal lover.

You have the cutest pets! They look so happy.

Lavender said...

Aw, great photos, Heidi! Loved em.

Dogs can be such great pets (and friends!).