Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, Lola!

My best friend turned 40 on Friday, and all I can talk about today is her tiny 5 month old dog. Sorry Bid, it's just that this puppy kinda stole my heart.

LOOK AT THOSE EARS! Oh my gosh, I couldn't stop giggling and cooing over her! She's the funniest, cutest, most endearing little dog!

Here's the thing: I used to be indifferent to small dogs. I liked German Shepherds, big mutts, Huskies, Labradors, even Rottweilers. Biddie always had small dogs, and while I liked them- how could I not? - I still considered myself a Big Dog person. Useful dogs. Not lap dogs. Not for myself anyways.

Then we got realistic about our potential dog ownership and realized that a big dog is not so practical when you live in the Burbs (and visit Grandma a lot, and drive a VW Jetta). I started looking at small dogs differently. We got the Pug.

Now I LOVE small dogs. I've discovered the amazing amount of personality and attitude stuffed into a small amount of dog-body.

I dare you to look at this picture and not melt with delight. You wanna smile and talk in a silly voice right now, doncha? Doncha? Huh? It's all you can do right now to remain dignified. If you saw this puppy in real life you'd be a babbling mess.

Also, in the background you can see another little beggar trying to get some food from Big Dusty Dude. I can't tell if that's Ruby, the mother of the puppies, or Bruno, the Mellowest Puppy on Earth. I kinda wanted to hide him in my giant leather purse and take him home.

She cracks me up! And yes, in case you're wondering, she is wearing clothes. There's an 18 year old in the house who believes that girl-dogs should dress up. Just promise you'll never cover up THOSE EARS!!! Gotta go- the cute is melting my brain.


Kerri said...

I've never seen ears like that on a dog before. Too cute!!! My mom has two lap dogs and they're like her babies. She dresses them up, cleans their feet every time they come inside and even puts baby powder on their, er, nether-regions. No diapers though =)

And congrats to your friend on turning 40!

Heidi said...

Those ears are something else!!

I've never had a small dog, but I would agree that God seems to pack in twice their body weight worth of personality!! :)

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh, they need it! I think that's why most big dogs are kind of intimidated by little dogs; they don't see size, just attitude!

Kerri, that's funny!

Baby powder!!!

Olly said...

SOOOOOOOOO cute!!! Reminds me of the movie "Gremlins" I wonder if she will grow into them a bit! I hope not, lol.

pseudosu said...

Is that dog part Papillion? they have ears like that. (butterfly in french- supposedly their ears are like b'fly wings) TOO keyoot!!!!!

Biddie said...

Oh, Lola! Lol. She really is something else. Her momma is a shorkie and her dad is a bichon, so really did not expect those ears! Most of the time they are flat, but she does like to perk them up now and again.
I swear Heidi, she steals my heart every day and i STILL have people ask me if she is for sale.

YoursTruly said...

Furry Yoda.

Too stinkin' cute!