Thursday, May 28, 2009

May is the best month ever.

It's grey-skied and gloomy out today, threatening to rain any second, but I don't care.  I am covered in pets (young Lucy is learning to settle down for a cuddle) and from my bay window I can see the lilac tree.  It's in full bloom and saturated with rain water... those big purple mounds of flowers are touching the sidewalk right now!  

And it smells wonderful.  There's Lily of the Valley in the backyard, making my whole property smell like the best most natural perfume in the world.  

Everything is green.  Soon the lilacs and tulips will be done and new things will burst out in full roaring colour.
I need colour.  I need purple and pink in my yard, I need horses with lots of flash, I need something to keep my eyes happy all the time.

Look at those blue Forget Me Nots.  They haven't helped my memory much but I love them.  

At the beginning of May, before I got the lawn mowed (the kids get paid to do it now) those little blue flowers were popping up all over the lawn.  I love it.  I don't go plucking them all out.  They can stay.  Eventually they get mowed but I know they'll be back.  They always come back, every spring, and I welcome them.

I've lived in this house for almost 12 years.  Hard to believe, since I was fully planning on shippin' outta here for the country long ago.  The music business has had other plans for my family though, and I've slowly put down roots, figuratively and literally.  I have friends here, connections, bank accounts.  It's my town.  It doesn't know it's my town, because it's too big to keep track of who owns it, but it's true.  This little stretch of subdivision should be renamed for me because it's mine.  From April to November, I can't walk down the street without stopping to talk to a neighbour.  That's how it is and as long as I live here, I'm keeping it that way. 

If you're on my street and somebody's pulled their car over by my driveway to talk to me, I suggest you go around slowly and let us talk.  You may be in a big-city hurry but I'm keeping it small here, okay?  

My lawn is imperfect.  I can grow a serious dandelion crop, and if I could find a way to make money off those yellow flowers I'd be rich.  My flowerbeds are crazy.  They look like I just sort of plopped things into the ground and let them do what they want, which is exactly what I did.  I'll be out there puttering and poking around in the dirt feeling like all is right in the world.  It's not deathly hot yet, the chill has left the air, and I'm lost in leaves and stalks, finally able to ignore stuff that troubles me.  My eyes are full of flowers.  

June will be intense.  My Instructor's exam is two weeks away and I have preparations to make.  After that, I'll be spending the summer covered in sweat and horse dirt.  Getting paid to be covered in sweat and horse dirt!  And I know I'll be writing again because my imaginary friends are starting to nudge me again.  

Thanks for visiting my little garden today!


pseudosu said...

I wish I lived on your street-- no wait-- I wish you lived on mine because I don't want to move. Oh what to do? :) I love you lilacs etc. Forget me nots always cheer me up.
Love "keepin' it small."

Heidi the Hick said...

You and me living on the same street? ParTAY!

I gotta keep it small, man, or I couldn't live here. I can only be happy here if I own this street!

Heidi said...

How gorgeous is that tree??? And I love forget me nots, too! So small, and dainty, and blue! Gorgeous!

I love all your color (ours is mostly gone now... it's all just green, which is okay with me because it's better than grey and brown!).

I love how happy you sound.


coffeypot said...

It's a shame that all that beauty is hidden under show for half a year.

One Red Horse said...

Those gardens of yours are looking pretty sweet - all that random planting grew worked out quite nicely.

JKB said...

Those are lovely flowers. I love flowers too.

In the new digs, I'll have window boxes, though. And right across the street there's a pretty Blume Shop. So I'll indulge my love of flowers, too, and think of your beautiful lawn.


Paul Tee said...

I, too, LOVE this time of year. I kickstart my photosynthesis and by mid-June should be in bloom. Fruit in August.

Heidi the Hick said...

Heidi, sometimes it's a lot of work to sound or be happy. Sometimes it's worth it.

Coffeypot, I think about it a lot during the winter, that all that stuff is under there getting ready to come out again in spring. The snow can be really stunning visually, at least in December. It's the slushy crap in late winter and spring that I hate. Oh stop: green, green, leaves, flowers!!!!!!

One red Horse- thank you, it kind of looks like it belongs there, i hope!

JKB as long as you can look our your windows and see flowers you'll be okay, right?

Paul, you mean metaphorically or in the actual garden?? Either way is good!

Paul Tee said...

No, I mean personally. I hibernate through winter, sleepwalk the rest of the time, except for summer when I am most productive and fruitful. What fruit you ask? Well, mostly I'm a hard nut to crack, but the other part of my personality is the forbidden fruit-- pomegranate.

Ask Barb to explain.

Kerri said...

Compared to where I live, your house is in the country. All that grass and those beautiful flowers. It's lovely.

marsh to the fore said...

Amazing garden. What I miss living in California are the lilacs. The ones I remember are just like the ones in your garden.

Trailboss said...

I like your yard. If I drove past your house you wouldn't be able to get rid of me!

Lynn Sinclair said...

And if someone does drive on your street, and you're speaking to a friend, they'd better not to get too close because there's a cute, little dog at our feet. Lovely garden!

Biddie said...

What can be better than getting paid for doing what you love??
I wish that you lived on your street closer to my street.
Just saying :P

Sharon McMaster, BSc(H), MLT, EMT said...

Beautiful lilacs! I bet they smell wonderful too. I miss my lilac bushes - will have to look into planting some!