Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paula Abdul wearing FEATHERS and a dog who snores while awake

Here's the news from my world:

-Yes Paula was wearing something feathery on American Idol tonight, which made my daughter and I both shriek with happiness.  Oh she makes me so, so happy, with her wacky outfits and choked up teary voice and perfect eyebrows and fluffy hair.  She is the Queen of Unicorn Land, and my 14 year old is the Grand Presidential Princess.  Paula got talking about all the colours of somebody's voice or something, and people, I frickin LOVE IT when she gets all colourful like that.  (Also, damn you Simon Cowell for having such an adorable grin.  Stop making it hard for me to dislike you. )

Last week, for the record, Paula wore PINK LEOPARD PRINT which had me damn near on the floor rolling in the crazy magnificence.  I want pink leopard print.  It would look perfect with my ratty old brown chaps and my John Deere hat.  I could totally start a new trend, I'm sure of it.

Every time the camera got her, that scarf was tied in a different configuration.  It was nuts.  

-This reminds me that I MUST get my hair dyed pink.  It's that time of year.  I hate looking in the mirror and I need a big jolt of fun.  

-I'll forget about the hair thing until I'm sitting on a horse and can't call to make an appointment.

-My project this week is to tune up Bo, aka the Grumpy Ol Gelding.  What a piece of work.  I love him irrationally.  How can I love such a crusty horse? I just do.  He got ornery during a lesson, and that's not like him... we suspect he's just been getting away with laziness and other misbehaviour.  It's my job now to remind him that he's gotta behave.  I need to get him collected and moving forward.  I'm also making him stand there like a gentleman during grooming and tacking up.  It may be only a tiny step to one side but dammit, it's that kind of passive-aggressive &%&& that ends up with me on my ass and him bucking and farting away from me.  Not that he's ever done that to me.  I'm just saying, it theoretically could happen.  I'm fixin' to prevent that!

-My dog can snore when he's awake.

-My husband can fall asleep in any position, for any length of time, even mere seconds.  

-He can also parallel park a full size GMC pickup truck on a busy street in downtown Toronto.  I have photographic proof!  Full report later!

-My cat is still alive!

-Jethro is heavily involved in this event called Canadian Music Week.  In order to do the gig, he needs to take Mac White here along with him.  I must not complain, since it is technically his computer and this is what he bought it for... not for me to blog and write novels and email, the Tribble Girl to play Howrse and Bucky to play Redline.  It was meant to be a music making machine.  So, it'll be Blog-Lite this week.  Sorry.  I'll sneak into his office and see if I can make the Big Machine work for me.  

-My "new" saddle fits Phoenix!  Yay!  Pictures of newly improved tack room coming up later!  

-Tribble got 93% in Science.  I just wanted you all to know that.

-I started a new book and then got all tangled up in my um, current book, and now I can't stop thinking about those darn kids.  It's okay.  I have to tell their story.  The 33 year old horse trainer with multiple tattoos and nomadic musician boyfriend can wait.  

-I hate the time change.  It messes me up for days.  I'm TIRED.

-past my bedtime.  Gotta go.

No really.  I'm tired.  Seriously, I can hardly type.  Let me go to bed already, please I beg you.  Thanks.  Go chill in the comment section and I'll be back when the crotchety horse looks happy again and the whole world is swathed in pink leopard print and lions and lambs and all that stuff.  Later!


pseudosu said...

Awesomeness. She needs gold pants. We must be "same tribing" it again. I'm about to add a blue streak.

Trailboss said...

I have been tired lately too. I'll blame it on the time change.

Shelli said...

my dog and hubby do the same thing - only hubbies is in 1 second flat. And we always love the ornry things - i love your horse and dont even know him - cant imagine how you feel :)

Anonymous said...

Discovered you through Shelli's marketing blog. You are a riot! Love the horse talk because that is So. Far. From. My. Reality.