Thursday, March 05, 2009

More reasons to love my man!

He told me/ ordered me to go to the tack shop today and buy two new saddle racks.


That is so awesome.  If I hadn't married him already, I'd marry him just for that.  

They're nice little saddle racks.  They're probably  home-made and sold in the shop on commission.  They're made of pine, designed to bolt to the wall.  I'll take pictures of them once we get them installed.  I'm kind of excited about this!  It means Jethro's comin' out to the barn with me this weekend, and he's gonna be swingin' a drill!  He's so cooool with power tools!

(Also I scavenged in the Free Bin.  I know - lucky!  My local tack shop has a Free Bin! If something in the Used department doesn't get sold after a couple years, and the seller forgot about it and moved to like, Sweden or something... Heidi gets it.  Heh heh heh!  So my kid's got an extra pair of English reins!)

Jethro could easily whip together a saddle rack or five.  But he's got to make a choice: time, or money?  If he took at trip to the lumber yard, then did all the cutting and screw-gunning, then figured in how much his time costs when he's at the studio yelling mercilessly at musicians to do another take and this time do it right dammit, he'd likely find that his $15 saddle rack is worth a lot more than that.  And he doesn't really yell at musicians.  At least I don't think he does.  People still call him for gigs, so he can't be too brutal...

However, he did take Mac White to work with him today.  It's only fair, since it is his computer.  I should have cleaned my greasy fingerprints off it first, and picked and the dog and cat hair out of the keys.  I didn't do any writing today, not even in my workbook.  I don't like the computer in his office.  The keyboard is all... bouncy.  It's too big.  It's meant for his man-sized  hands.  Someday I'd like to have a computer of my own.  Someday.

I'll get over that though, because he told me to spend thirty bucks on barn stuff.  

He's a keeper.

That's all for today folks.  G'nite!


JKB said...


He's definitely a keeper!!!! ;)

Kerri said...

Such a sweet husband. And ROFL about the keyboard. He must really love you!!!

Jethro said...

Yeeehhp! I'm a keeper awlraht!

More saddle racks in the barn selfishly means less tears about cats knocking blankets on the floor, less bird $**t on the saddles, and happier wife and kids!

A good deal for everybody!

Heh heh

hayseed said...

I like a man who knows the importance of a good saddle rack. Good going Jethro!

jules said...

"and he's gonna be swingin' a drill!" This cracked me up!

Heidi said...

I love when $30 buys that much happiness!

I love when women love their men that much!

I love when other writers aren't writing on a Friday too. (oops... did I say that out loud?)

pseudosu said...

Yeah, what is it about that power tools thing? Hey, just a suggestion, but you might be able to pick up a keyboard you like better used and just swap it out. Cheaper than a whole new puter.

Biddie said...

He is a keeper :) Just don't tell him that I said so.

coffeypot said...

Damn, Jethro sounds so great I think I love him (and I don't swing that way.)

RuckusButt said...

My husband made me a saddle rack last fall. I was so happy! Ah, it's those little things in life...