Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gittin on a plane now, ROCKSTAHS!

Leavin' the house
Granma's holdin' down the fort
Dobby's totally okay with The Mommy of the Mommy
I packed my red boots
and Jethro's black suit
and my 70s Camaro dress

flying to Vancouver
stuffed full of anti-anxiety pills


kid's teacher called from school to congratulate for the Juno nomination


gotta run

updates later


Heidi said...

I'm sure you don't see it, but you live such a cool life!

You're a rock star yourself, girl!

Next year, it'll be Jethro accompanying you to the book awards!

Paul Tee said...

I'll second that. Keep kool. Best of luck. And have FUN.

dilling said...

boots to wear with d-cakes dress??? or should we visit Fluevogs while you are here in my world?

Shelli said...

have fun!