Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm goin' to the Oscars! No, wait. I'm gonna WATCH the Oscars!

I do this for you, so that you don't have to.  You're welcome.  Monday at something o'clock I'll have my big ol' Oscar report on my other blog.  

As usual, I haven't forked out enough cash or effort to actually see most of the movies up for awards.  Also, my kids are at that strange age when "kiddie movies" aren't cool anymore, but I really don't feel like R rated movies are okay, so we're sort of in the PG 13 kind of world.  Mostly comedies.  Usually featuring Will Ferrell, and often making me cringe at some part because of something dirrrrrty.  Having said that, I believe that dick jokes are always better than dismemberment scenes.  But that's just me.

Aaaaaanyways.  I think Brad Pitt will get his Oscar this time.  No reason, other than it was nice of him to take me grocery shopping in my dreams.  I haven't seen "Benjamin Button" but that's mostly because nobody wants to sit in a movie theatre for darn near three hours.  I suffered through it for Johnny's Capt Jack.  

I do want to cheer on Bad Brad but first I have to clear my calendar and make a date with my daughter, since she's the only person who will go with me. This movie is based on an F Scott Fitzgerald book. Curious?

You know, you just know, that The Academy looooves to reward a good make-up/ acting job.

An' yer lookin' good, ol man! Just check you out!  

BUT.  Everybody's talking about "The Wrestler."  Ol' Mickey Rourke has been giving some pretty good interviews.  

Also, I'm going to say it, and it has nothing to do with his tragic departure:  Heath Ledger deserves the award.  Okay fine, I haven't seen the others, okay.  I just can't imagine anybody else putting in a better performance.  This is despite RDJ's presence.  Plus Philip Seymour Hoffman already has one.  Let's not get greedy.

I'd kind of like it if Anne Hathaway got an Oscar.  Three out of five actresses already have one.  I'd like to see if the girl known for playing a Princess Secret Agent Bride can nail down a Big Dramatic Role.  Maybe I'll even rent the movie.  Help me out here: was this girl named after Shakespeare's wife???

Supporting acress?  I have no idea.  Surprise me.

I'm always on the lookout for surprises.  I'm looking for the gorgeous gown, the hideous gown, the fumbled speech, the humble speech, and of course, the montage.  Things develop in a montage.  Of course I'll have to wait about three and a half hours to get it all watched, but at least there are bathroom breaks and snack breaks!

See you on the red carpet.  Haha.


Biddie said...

I haven't seen most of these movies, either. I will catch Button when it comes out on DVD. I am a Pitt fan, but I will suffer through it at home, in my easy chair.
I just did NOT like Heath as The Joker.
I didn't.
He may very well deserve the award, but I think that he will get it either way, b/c he has died. Seems to work that way.
Maybe Mickey will get it. Is he up for one? I heard that he killed that movie.
I will read your report. Saves me from having to sit thru all of it. When Chris Atkins starts attending, I will start watching :)

Biddie said...

Oops, I am NOT a Pitt fan.
Had to clear that up.

Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah I was gonna say... you joined Team Pitt????

I Know exactly why you didn't like the Joker. Too twitchy. The sad thing about a posthumous Oscar is that most critics will say it's a sympathy vote: he only one because he died and everybody's sentimental.

We'll see.

Mickey Rourke is up for best Actor. And yeah, I'm hearing he was goooood.

Won't Chris Atkins let you know if he's attending the Oscars on his facebook site? That would be fun!

Heidi said...

I won't watch the awards, but I'll be here Monday to hear your wrap up. Frankly, it's much more interesting!

I love your take on it all!

Biddie said...

Lol. He just might, you know.
Then what will Jethro say?
He who laughs last...........