Monday, February 09, 2009

Grammy hangover!

Dude, I partied on down with the family last night in front of the TV!   Oh yeah.  We got the rabbit ears all adjusted so we could see through the snow, we ate that cheesy dumbfood popcorn, and I had myself a tall cool drink of water!  That's how I rock.

I know some of you don't bother to watch these things because you'd rather get the highlight reel from me the next day.  Well, it is the next day, and I'm going to write up my report, as soon as I get the chance (bedtime tonight?) so that you can read it on my other blog.  

Until then, enjoy a picture that proves to me that music is alive and well, the future is hopeful, and I am still in love!

Here it is: 

2009 Grammy report, brought to you by Hick Chic!


JKB said...

Isn't it GREAT!!??


Heidi the Hick said...


CindyDianne said...

I didn't watch but I AM SO GLAD THEY WON! I love, love, love that collaboration. LOVE.

dilling said...

How sweet is that????

coffeypot said...

I didn't watch it all, but I am glad Plant and Allison won. I thought of Jethro when they announced the winner of best album. I'm a fan of Allison and a kind of new fan of Plant. I can't stand Miley but I love Taylor Swift. It was okay, but not five hours of it. What I watched was enough for me.

Heidi the Hick said...

five hours, gahhhhhh

I could cut it down. They should let me run the show.

pseudosu said...

That was awesome-- and how effing cool is T-bone?! I like the idea of a whole new career for Plant. New material, new ways of doing his thing. Nothing is sadder than watching those old rock dudes playing their same hits from 20 or 30 years ago, even if they are still awesome songs.
Like the pink hair idea too btw.

marsh to the fore said...

I don't know a blessed thing about the grammys except my favorite niece and her husband went several years ago because a band he plays with regularly won for best native American album. (Bill Miller) I still remember how excited they were to be going.

Fill me in a bit, Heidi! I feel so ignorant!

Biddie said...

Five hours?? I can't do anything for 5 freaking hours straight!
I just read your reports...Good enough for me:)

terry said...

it's funny that i thought of you when they won!